City Wide Scavenger Hunt comes to Norwalk on Saturday April 28th


norwalk city

A unique and fun event is coming to Norwalk Ct on Saturday April 28th.  Norwalk Now presents a fun day with its City Wide Scavenger Hunt for adults !  The event takes place in Norwalk and the hip destination of SoNo (South Norwalk) as participants group together in teams of no more than 4 solve clues around Norwalk to win.

The City Hunt begins at O’Neill’s Irish Pub at 93 North Main Street in SoNo and proceeds from there!   The event runs from 10:30 am to 1pm and is followed by an after party from 1 to 3pm for all participants.  Location for that event is to be revealed during the hunt.  Directions and clues will be provided on the app that will take you through the streets of downtown Norwalk and SoNo.   It sounds like a fun event and I can’t wait to participate.

Cost is $40 per person and includes event swag and the after party.

For more information :

Norwalk City-Wide Scavenger Hunt
Solve the Clue – Complete the Challenge – Repeat!

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