Fortina: Meet the new plant based “meatless” dishes

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Plant based “meatless” meatballs

We recently dined at  Fortina in Armonk.  The eatery owned by Christian Petroni, who is also the chef behind the Fortina group of restaurants which feature classic New York Italian dishes and pizza.   Recently Fortina has embraced the plant based trend in dining and has rolled out two new dishes,  meatless Meatballs and meatless Chicken Parm.

The meatless “meat” is the product of Hungry Planet  They provide the plant based meat, which then Chef Petroni transforms into his dishes with his own touch of sauces and spices.   We understand the recipe is almost the same as the traditional meat version that is on the menu.  We were curious to see how it tasted.


Plant based “Chicken” Parm

The plant based meatballs were soft and delicious and had a texture very similar to ground meat.  The delicious blend of spices and marinara sauce complemented the dish and we were pleasantly surprised.  It was that good.

The plant based Chicken Parm was the star of the show as it looked, sliced and tasted exactly like traditional Chicken Parm.  We had to check with the waitress to see if they brought the incorrect order.  It was fantastic with light breading and served with marinara.  We would order this dish again.

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Wood fired Cauliflower

We understand more meatless dishes are in the works including Italian sausage which we look forward to tasting in a future visit.    For the vegetarian of healthy eater in your party there are plenty of options, including pasta, Broccoli Rabe, Wood Fired Cauliflower, Wood fired Carrots and a Wood Roasted Veggie Platter for two.


Wood Roasted Veggie platter for 2

Naturally, Fortina has not strayed from its traditional fare which has made the restaurants so popular.  Wood fired pizzas, pastas,  rib eye steak, regular Chicken Parm, Spaghetti and Meatballs and Pork Braciole all remain cornerstones of the menu.

We were excited to try the new plant based dishes coming now on the menu at Fortina and look forward to their new items.


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Bradley Mountain Farm: a very special goat farm with goat yoga, hikes, goat soap and so much more


We recently enjoyed some time at Bradley Mountain Farm in Southington Ct.   Bradley Mountain Farm is a goat farm with some of the most friendliest animals you will ever meet.  The farm is a 200 year old property that once was a dairy farm. The  farmhouse and barn is tucked away in the beautiful countryside of Connecticut.  This lovely property borders Crescent Lake Park, a 233 acre park featuring hiking trails, a large lake and scenic vistas.

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Some of the friendly goats at Bradley Mountain Farm


Arriving at the farm after an easy 1 hour trek from Northern Westchester we were greeted by Annalise Deadras who is the owner. Her herd  of dairy goats provide milk which is then produced into high quality goat milk soap.  The high fat content of the goat milk is perfect for making a smooth creamy soap.  Soaps are available at the farm or on line and come in a number of fragrances .   They feature such names as “Fairy Garden”, “Hippy Hemp”, “Sweet Angel” and  ” Water Lily”.  They look and smell as pretty as they sound.

We learned the farm is not just about the production of goat milk soap, as  several fun and interesting programs are featured at the farm.  There are the Goat Hike and Nature Tour where you can hike with some of the herd along the shore of Crescent Lake which borders the farm.


Farm store with soaps and more for sale

Goat Cuddle Therapy is also offered .    A “Goat Cuddle Instructor” will lead you through a relaxing session while the goats are eating and playing. The goats may even snuggle up to you, or climb in your lap.  It sounds like a relaxing way to unplug from a stressful world and reconnect to the natural world with these gentle, friendly animals.

Goats with Pajamas is another fun event for families. You can help put the herd to bed, cuddle with your favorite goat.  Guests are able to brush the  goats, feed  them, and put pajamas, tutus, and other costumes on the goats.  The session ends with a cuddle session with the goats.

Goat Yoga is a different and fun take on this popular activity.  As you move through a guided one hour yoga session, the goats move about you creating a peaceful and natural mood.  What a unique and fun way to spend some time as you connect with yourself and nature.

If you are in the area of the farm, do spend some time checking out the area which is quite picturesque.  The village of Southington is a classic quaint New England village just minutes from the farm.  There is a canal trail, restaurants and a brewery with tap room all there to explore.

Please check the farm website for hours and for event times.


Bradley Mountain Farm

537 Shuttle Meadow Road, Southington, CT    tel. 860.385.GOAT

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