Super Nifty Holiday Bash, a fun comedy musical at the Ridgefield Theater Barn

We have just the event to kick start your holiday season. Live on stage at The Ridgefield Theater Barn is the holiday musical comedy, “Super Nifty Holiday Bash”.  If the holiday season is overwhelming you, this light and very funny musical review is just the tonic to brighten up the season.

The play takes place in 1953 and Doris and Don Campbell are hosting their holiday party.  The house is decorated,  the food is catered, the bar is stocked and there is even a three piece band is in the house to get the party swinging.  It sounds perfect!  But a sudden and unexpected blizzard turns the perfectly planned festivities on their ear.   Waiting for the guests to arrive Don and Doris entertain us with a pair of funny songs which take a satirical look at the holidays, “12 Days of Christmas” and “ Everybody’s Waiting for the Man with the Bags”. 

The first guest Charles Whitmer (Duane Lanham) arrives with his nephew Steven Stephens (Chris Balestriere) and Charles immediatley heads to the bar for a cocktail and instructs Don on the proper way to mix a drink. He wants to get the party started.

An unexpected guest, the flamboyant Gloria Gooseby (Marilyn Crough Olsen) arrives with her assistant Edna Flatly (Rachel Lewis).  Gloria starts the party rocking with some martinis and revealing her obvious affection for the host, Don Campbell (Michael Valinoti).

 Doris (Heather Abrado) is not to pleased with their amorous party crashing guest, but they manage to get together in the spirit of the holidays and belt out the duet “ A Hand for Mrs. Claus”.  Just one of the 16 songs in the show.  

A bit of romance and drama bloom on this snowy night as we learn more about Edna and her failed romance as she sings the hilarious “Never Fall in Love with and Elf”.  Soon she and Steven find an unexpected connection to each other. 

The comedy turns physical as the caterers (Lauren Gulliver Travers and Monica Harrington) burn the dinner, and the fire department has to come and put out the fire.  The entire cast including the band run from the stage and down the center aisle of the theater toward the exits.  The audience was roaring with laughter.

Super Nifty Holiday Bash is a fun and satirical look at the holiday shows and movies of the post war period that often portrayed the holidays in an unrealistic light.  It brings the familiarity of holiday music (with new lyrics), some original songs, and sprinkles the performance with physical comedy, fine vocal performances and charming choreography.

So kick off your holiday season with something different!  Head to the Ridgefield Theater Barn to see Super Nifty Holiday Bash. 

The play is written by Theater Barn regular Duane Lanham, directed by Deb Failla and musical direction by Lisa Hobbs.  Now through December 18th.   Happy Holidays!

For tickets and information:

Ridgefield Theater Barn

37 Halpin Lane Ridgefield Ct

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