Lumagica at Harvest Moon: a holiday light show to brighten your holidays!

The path leads you to a magical holiday light experience

A very special holiday light show is now on display right in our backyard.  Harvest Moon Orchard in North Salem has partnered with Lumagica to create an amazing outdoor lighting experience.  The orchard has been transformed into a mystical holiday forest filled with over 500,000 LED lights.  It has to be experienced! 

Starting at the base of the orchard, guests follow a lit path  uphill through the trees.  The apple trees are filled with lights.  At each turn you will marvel at lit stars, lighted forest creatures and more.  Even the mature hardwood and evergreen trees are bathed in multi colored LED spot lights.  Soft music (not holiday tunes) floats through the air as you continue on through the beautifully lit orchard.

At the top of the hill a beautiful stone patio hosts decorated Christmas trees, gingerbread men and wooden soldiers.  Hot drinks and adult beverages are offered for sale.  This is a great spot to take in the lights around you and enjoy this unique experience.  It’s also a great spot for a holiday photo!

The path then winds its way down the hill through more unique light displays with something new to see at every turn.  As you reach the bottom you exit through a tunnel of multi colored lights.   Back at the base, guests can warm themselves by the fire pit, or even purchase fresh pizza right out of the oven.  More beverages are for sale including the orchard’s famous Hardscrabble hard cider.  We encourage you to pick up a bag of cider donuts as you linger at the farmstand and look back at the magically lit hill behind you.   Dress warm, and since you will be walking, proper foot wear is suggested. 

LUMAGICA, renowned for their world-class light installations featured throughout Europe. This will be the biggest holiday light park in all of Westchester and Putnam counties,   Don’t miss it !  The show does require reservations and you will need to choose your time slot. 

The perfect way to experience the holidays is with Lumagica at Harvest Moon!

For more information

Harvest Moon Orchard

130 Hardscrabble Road, North Salem, NY 10560

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Happy Holidays!!





Doubt: A Parable. The award winning drama now at Westport Country Playhouse

A thought provoking one act play “Doubt: A Parable” is now on stage at the fantastic Westport Country Playhouse.  After a two year absence it was so great to see a play at this famous venue known for its high quality productions.

Doubt is a potent drama that keeps the audience riveted to the actors on stage during the entire performance.  Set in a Catholic Church in the Bronx, NY in 1964 the play opens with a sermon from the parish priest, Father Flynn (Eric Bryant) who preaches the concept of doubt and uncertainty.  After his sermon we meet Sister Aloysius (Betsy Aidem), a strict conservative nun who runs the school.  Her mission is to maintain order in the school which she does by always remaining vigilant.    Sister Aloysius then meets with young Sister James (Kersten Anderson)  who not only does she criticize, but reveals her fears and suspicions about the world outside the church, as well as some within its walls.

Sister Aloysius believes that Father Flynn has had an inappropriate relationship with the school’s first and only African American student, Donald Muller.  Though she has no proof, only doubt she finally confronts Father Flynn about her theory.  A struggle of wills then ensues between Sister Aloysius, Father Flynn, Sister James and the boy’s mother, Mrs. Muller (Sharina Martin).  Each character adds to the narrative their own interpretation of the incident which only adds uncertainty and doubt to what really happened.  Was it an innocent meeting or something nefarious? Each side tries to gain the sympathy of the audience. Sister Aloyius and her desire to rid her church of a bad seed, and Father Flynn who portrays himself as an innocent victim in the nun’s accusations.

The play raises questions to the audience about truth, certainty and morality.  Which side do you believe? But in the end it answers none of these allowing each audience member to wrestle with the facts as presented to reach their own conclusion. The discussion of the play and its implications continues long after you leave the theater.

The play was filled with strong, passionate performances and was brilliantly directed by Daniel Kennedy. We were thrilled to see live theater back at Westport and encourage you not to miss this play.  Doubt was the 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and the Tony Award for Best Play.

Covid protocols are in effect for the protection of the audience and staff and proof of vaccination is required.   The play runs through November 20, 2021

Westport Country Playhouse

25 Powers Court

Westport Ct

Tickets >>

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Falsettoland: Live theater returns to the stage at the Music Theater of Connecticut in Norwalk

The Music Theater of Connecticut in Norwalk is back with its Mainstage production of the off-Broadway musical, “Falsettoland”.  It was a full house on opening night and the audience was thrilled to be back at the theater to enjoy once again another terrific production.  

The musical has no spoken words and instead the story is told by the cast singing one song after another in the one and a half hour performance.  The voices of the cast are clear, and the sound system dialed in so that it was easy for the audience to follow along with the story.

The setting of the story is New York City in 1981.  The city is changing and the mysterious AIDS virus is just beginning to gain attention in the news.  The audience is introduced to the first of the cast, Mendel the psychiatrist and his patient Marvin and then his lesbian neighbors Dr. Charlotte and Cordelia, a caterer.  Mendel is counseling Marvin who is fighting with his ex-wife Trina  about his coming out as a gay man, and the issues involving planning their son’s Bar Mitzvah.   The story is layered with the tale of Jason (the son) and his coming of age, and Marvin and his relationship with Whizzer his ex-lover.  The backdrop of these two layers is the lesson of the importance of family and friends while the specter of the AIDS virus hangs over head.

Act One also introduces Trina (Marvin’s ex wife) and Whizzer (Marvin’s Ex lover) to the audience.  Reminding us that this is set in the 1980s, we see Marvin and Whizzer playing racquetball, and Trina working out in her matching exercise outfit to the latest fitness moves.   The songs of the first act such as “Miracle of Judaism”, “Watching Jason”, “Racquetball” and “Everyone Hates His Parents” are fun and light .

The mood of the much shorter Act Two turns more somber.  The arguing over what food to serve and who to invite to the Bar Mitzvah are overshadowed by Whizzer’s suddenly being stricken with AIDS.   Young Jason in light of the developments decides to cancel the Bar Mitzvah.  He truly does come of age and maturity as he makes the decision to go on with the party in some glitzy venue, but by bringing it to Whizzer’s hospital room.  The importance of family and friendships shed light and positivity in the face of the darkening mood of the looming epidemic.

Falsettoland is a story that is both bittersweet and inspirational and is reflected in the musical score and in the performance of the highly talented cast.  A thought provoking show that is a must see.  This was another brilliant  production directed by multi award winner KEVIN CONNORS (Director, Executive Artistic Director, & Co-Founder of MTC). 

The very talented cast includes Jeff Gurner (Mendel), Dan Sklar (Marvin), Avi Sklar (Jason), Max Meyers (Whizzer), Corinne  C. Broadbent (Trina), Jessie Janet Richards (Dr. Charlotte),Elissa  DeMaria (Cordelia).  The audience responded to their heartwarming performance with a standing ovation. Actors are professional and members of  Members of Actors’ Equity Association, the union of professional actors and stage managers in the United States.  Musical Direction by David John Madore.

Covid-19 protocols are in place and include wearing of masks, and proof of vaccination.

Performances are Fridays at 8pm, Saturdays at 2pm & 8pm, and Sundays at 2pm through November 20, 2021.

Music Theater Of Connecticut

509 Westport Ave, Norwalk, CT

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