Zero Otto Nove: A fresh look at Italian cuisine in Armonk


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I have heard about the wonderful food at Zero Otto Nove on Arthur Avenue in  the Little Italy Section of the Bronx and was interested in eating at their Westchester restaurant in Armonk.    Located off Old Route 22 in a former commercial building, the restaurant decor has an industrial modern interior combined with traditional touches.  The brick walls, exposed trusses and  large opening garage door are  a hint to is past and this has been blended with traditional touches to create a warm inviting effect.   On a Sunday evening I visited for dinner and  it was a full house and most tables were filled with families and tables with  couples .  Some tables were filled with a variety of dishes which encourages sharing a variety of plates.


The food is Southern Italian inspired by the owner and chef Roberto Paciullo from Salerno Italy. The menu is both familiar yet unique and there is something for everyone in the family to enjoy and to share.

Starters:  I began with Parmigana di Melanzane E Zucchine  (Eggplant and Zucchini parmigiana)  with fresh mozzarella and tomato sauce. The sauce was fantastic as only the finest San Marzano tomatoes are used and the pasta is made fresh daily.


Eggplant and Zucchini Parmiagiana







You can taste the difference with the fresh quality ingredients.     I also shared the Grilled Octopus with fresh tomatoes, capers, cannellini beans and olive oil.  Delicious !  Also shares was the Polpettine, Polenta and Caprino which is an innovative and tasty delight of small meat balls, polenta, and goat cheese.  Both appetizers were delectable and the presentation was pleasing.  There  is also a wood fired oven on premises which provide diners with a choice of fresh pizza selections.


Meatballs with Polenta and Goat Cheese


Grilled Octopus


Wood Fired Oven Pizza

Main Course:  The entrée I picked was the Mediterranean Sea Bream with clams, cherry tomatoes in white wine.


Sea Bream and Clams

Sea Bream is a mild tasting white fish which was cooked with the other ingredients in aluminum foil to keep in the moisture and taste.  The foil is opened table side and the aroma of flavors that escape is quite amazing.  The dish was a fantastic combination of flavors.

The other dish was a pasta dish which was suggested by the waiter and I am glad I ordered.  This is a unique dish of  Radiatori in Cartoccio , which is pasta with porcini mushrooms, tomatoes, bread crumbs and parmigiano reggiano also cooked in aluminum foil.  Because of the unique preparation of this dish, the food was soft creamy and amazing.  As the foil was peeled back, you could witness the pasta unfurl in front of you as the flavors wafted over the table.  This is not your typical old school Italian dish.


Pasta,porcini mushrooms,tomatoes cooked in tin foil

Dessert: is homemade and fun to share.  The cannoli  alla Zero Otto Nove  was a variation of the classic cannoli  as it was two flat thin canolli pastries filled with sweet ricotta creme.  I had to indulge in the Sogni Cioccolato  (chocolate cake with dark  and flavored with Grand Marnier and covered in Nutella).  Hats off to the pastry chef for two provided two great ways to finish a fine meal.

Zero Otto Nove is a really innovative Italian restaurant with food for the whole family and is prepared and served from the heart.  The service was great and they  made you feel like you were part of the family.

Fun Fact:  Zero Otto Nove means  zero eight nine (089) which is the area code for Salerno Italy from where the owner/chef is from.

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Zero Otto Nove

55 Old Route 22 Armonk NY       Tel:  914-273-0089



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