Madonia: a fresh take on classic Mediterranean dishes


We recently dined at a local restaurant for the first time.  Madonia is located just over the  Westchester border on Long Ridge Road in Stamford.  Three staff members  are the new owners and are carrying on the tradition of good food and service.  The menu is Mediterranean with dishes from Italy, France and Spain.

The space is divided into distinct areas with the cozy bar with tavern tables, the main dining room with a soft color palette and hardwood floors, a small private wine cellar room with a wall of glass and yet another room that is perfect for parties.

As part of a media event we were able to sample some dishes from the new menu.   Appetizers are numerous with many seafood selections available.  We enjoyed the excellent Gnocchi with  shaved asparagus, peas, mint-zucchini pesto. A hardy dish which infuses new flavors in the classic Italian dish.




The Golden Baked Mushroom was a unique item and delicious as well. It is filled with broccoli, potato and pecorino.   The classic Eggplant Rolantini has been updated and featured two cheeses, both ricotta and prosciutto, and served in a rosé sauce.  Appetizers run $12-$21.

IMG_4278 (2)

Golden Baked Mushrooms

There are four salads on the menu for the healthy minded or the vegetarian in your dining party. We sampled the Field Green salad which featured sweet tones as it was prepared with cranberries, candied pecans, thinly slicedpears, and tossed in an apple balsamic vinaigrette.  Salads are $12-$14.

Main dishes include a wide variety of pasta dishes with something for everyone. Also included in the Mains are  beef, seafood and chicken selections.  We sampled the New York Strip drizzled with jalapeño oil.  Our favorite  was the delicious Alaskan Salmon, sliced in pieces and served in a honey-herb verjus,  and a medley of butternut squash mashed potatoes and mixed veggies.  A delicious and healthy dish.   Mains run $25-$28 and pasta dishes start at $21.

IMG_4285 (3)

Alaskan Salmon

What impressed us most at Madonia is the wide selection of dishes on the menu and an emphasis of infusing classic dishes from the Mediterranean with flavors.


1297 Long Ridge Road Stamford Ct

tel. 203.322.8870




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