A Flea in Her Ear: a hilarious comedy at Westport Country Playhouse

flea in her ear

A hysterical comedy has come to the stage at the Westport Country Playhouse in Westport Ct.  ” A Flea in Her Ear” is a brilliant and hilarious play about the subjects of marriage, suspicion, infidelity, and mistaken identity.   This high energy production had the audience laughing the entire performance.


The play was written by Georges Feydeau in the early 20th Century and adapted by David Ives from the original book and wonderfully directed by Mark Lamos, the artistic director of the Playhouse.   Set in Paris in 1907 the play is about a Parisian wife (Elizabeth Heflin) whose faithful husband a well to do owner of an insurance company has suddenly lost his romantic appetite for his wife.   Along with her good friend, Lucienne(Antoinette Robinson), they devise a plot to see if her husband is cheating on her.  They send him a scented note from a female admirer and ask him to meet her at a local hotel of ill repute.

While her husband, Victor (Lee E. Ernst) is intrigued by the letter and the amorous advances of this mystery woman, he passes on the offer and sends his friend  Tournel (Stephen Pelinski) to meet her instead.  The high energy and physical comedy that is Flea in Hear Ear is about to unfold in Act Two of this three act play.  Act Two moves from the home of Victor and his wife to the hotel with its many doors and passages.  Lee E. Ernst assumes another role as the drunken Bell Hop Poche, whose appearance turns the play upside down.  Calamity ensues as the ladies plans become unglued and Lucienne finds herself being pursued by her angry husband Don Carlos (Michael Gotch), an eccentric and mad Spainiard.  The play finally returns to the apartment in Paris of Victor and his wife Raymonde, where the crazy mixed up events of the evening are finally resolved.

flea in her ear 2

A successful comedy depends on a great script, comedic timing, excellent actors and of course a director who can bring all these elements together. This production of A Flea in Her Ear has all those elements.   The set design was fantastic and the high artistic quality we expect from Westport.  Kristen Robinson did a wonderful job with capturing the feel of  early 20th Century Paris.  Costume Designer Sara Jean Tosetti crafted a wonderful array of period costumes for the actors.  This is a play you cannot miss!

This very comical play will grace the Westport stage until July 28, 2018.  Tickets start at $30.

For more information and tickets.

Westport Country Playhouse

25 Powers Court  Westport Ct.  tel.203.227.4177


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