Tredici North: a fresh approach to classic Italian dishes by an award winning Chef


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Tredici North in Purchase is a fine restaurant with a top chef who has crafted a “modern Italian” menu that is both innovative and delicious.  The decor of the restaurant follows that theme with a hip and modern design .  No red and white checkerboard table cloths here.  The look is upscale and modern and the menu though classic Italian is presented with a modern flair.

On a recent Friday evening we visited Tredici North for dinner.  The bar features a full list of craft cocktails and wines from several regions of the world. The talented bar staff can also blend a cocktail of your choice not on the menu.

The dinner menu  is designed  and wonderfully executed by Chef Giuseppi Fanelli.  The chef has appeared on several cooking shows on television, and was the winner of “Chopped” on the Food Network.  His resume includes chef at Baldoria (sister eatery to Rao’s) in Manhattan, as well as Felidia (Lydia Bastianich’s  restaurant) as well as Tredici in Chelsea.  The menu is classic Italian with a fresh and innovative approach to these familiar dishes.

Starters include dishes such seafood, two salads and one meatball dish. We enjoyed the wonderful and filling Angry Lobster,  a deconstructed  1 ¼ LB Lobster that is pan fried in the shell with evoo. meyer lemon and roasted garilc.  A seafood lover’s dream dish.

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Angry Lobster

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We also enjoyed the Grilled Polpo,  a tasty slice of Portugese octopus, grilled and served over endive salad with and finished with a light citrus vinaigrette and bloomed mustard seeds. The light flavors of the vinaigrette combined with the grilled texture of the seafood was quite a refreshing take on this classic dish.    From the specials menu  that evening we enjoyed a classic bowl for fresh mussels that was light and excellent.


Main dishes  include seven different delicious homemade pasta options as well as land and sea options. The homemade Ravioli Zucca with ricotta, buratta and asiago with served in a light pumpkin, sweet potato and butternut squash crema was a favorite with pasta being both house made and just melted in your mouth.

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A fresh grilled Halibut dish was also enjoyed from the specials menu and was fresh and delicious and shows the Chef’s willingness to introduce new items to the menu.  Another great choice is the fresh approach to Organic Salmon.  This staple gets a fresh outlook  by being prepared with pistachio and mustard seed crust (for a nutty flavor) with parsnip puree with a medley of green lentils, pomegranate and served in a light burnt blood orange reduction.  So innovative and delicious.

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Pistachio Semifreddo


If you have room desserts are available and try the fresh Coconut Dream cake of the Pistachio Semifreddo, a frozen mousse with a hard chocolate shell and  chopped pistachio that was the perfect cap to a great meal.   Tredici North ticks all the boxes for a evening of great dining.d

Tredici North

578 Anderson Hill Road  Purchase NY

tel.  914.997.4113  web >>

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