Tauk Kitchen and Bar: The fresh tastes of Montauk come to Armonk


The warmth of summertime is upon us and  our thoughts turn to days at the beach, time with family and friends and finding that perfect  seaside restaurant serving your favorite dishes.  If your schedule precludes you from running off to the beach, then I suggest you head to Armonk, the home of a fun new restaurant.   Tauk Kitchen and Bar (Montauk for short) is one of the newer entries into the growing restaurant scene in Northern Westchester, and is the perfect getaway for lunch or dinner.  We visited recently for lunch.

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When first entering Tauk Kitchen and Bar, you feel instantly transported to a fine beach town.  One can imagine themselves in Montauk or even the Vineyard .  Great attention went into the design and construction of the interior to craft an environment that is instantly friendly and comfortable as your favorite beach restaurant.   Finely crafted wood moldings, shiplap, coffered ceilings, and artwork create an upscale yet casual feel.   Glass light fixtures wrapped in jute and bar seats that resemble chairs on a fishing vessel complete the imagery of a fine coastal eatery .

Owners Francis and Frank Leone who spent years in Montauk and grew to love the lifestyle of  freshly caught seafood, and locally grown produce have infused Tauk with that passion.

Menu items cover both land and sea, and there are vegetarian items and salads as well , so everyone in your dining party will find something they will enjoy.  Chips and salsa were brought to the table and we learned that both the salsa and the crispy tortillas were made in house.  The freshness  was apparent from the first bite.  We started with the Shishito Peppers ($9) which was a delight, a light crunch, and flavorful without overpowering the palate.

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From the salad section we enjoyed the Grilled Wedge Salad ($12) made of lightly grilled romaine, bacon, blue cheese and cherry tomatoes.   The contrast of the lightly grilled and crunchy romaine and the soft cheese and tomato made for a pleasing and satisfying dish for one or could be shared.

IRENE may june 379

Grilled Wedge


For our main dish we returned to the sea with the Montauk Lobster Roll ($21), which exceeded our expectations. The classic dish was overflowing with fresh and delicious lobster meat over a lightly grilled bun served with a grilled lemon wedge and house cut French fries.  This is not the typical lobster roll with filler and globs of mayonnaise.  This was a lobster lover’s dream as the roll was all lobster and cooked to perfection.  One of best lobster rolls we have had in some time.

IRENE may june 392

Montauk Lobster Roll

We also enjoyed the delicious  Montauk Tuna-Wich ,($18)  a satisfying  dish comprised of grilled tuna, cole slaw, tomato slice,and tartar sauce served on a fresh brioche bun with house cut fries.   The menu has more than just seafood with two different tacos available (veggie or beef), burgers, steak, salads and short rib. Seafood is fresh everyday and produce is sourced locally.

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Montauk Tuna Wich

We would be remiss not to mention the bar run by  manager Sue Vitello.  There are craft beers including Montauk craft beers (one of our favorites), as well as some fun cocktails including “Main Beach” a fun blend of vodka, grapefruit, blood orange and lime.  There is an extensive beer list as well as wine by the glass and bottle.

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Good weather? Then outside seating is available under the shade of the umbrellas out front.  Dreaming of the beach but cannot make it this weekend?  Tauk Kitchen and Bar has brought the seaside to  you.  See you there, and don’t forget your sunglasses!

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Tauk Kitchen and Bar

402 Main Street Armonk, New York


web>> https://www.taukkitchen.com

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