Flinders Lane: A multi cultural menu with down under roots comes to downtown Stamford

A new eatery has opened in the heart of Stamford right on Summer Street.  Flinders Lane has opened its doors and has created an urban space that features craft cocktails, a large selection of wines and an interesting cuisine featuring the flavors of inspired by the multi cultural neighborhood of Flinders Lane in Melbourne, Australia.

This is my first foray into this type of cuisine and I found it to be interesting and loaded with flavor.  The space for Flinders Lane is located on Summer Street on the bottom floor of the Summer House apartments.  The decor is sleek, clean and urban.   A small bar is in one corner, tables fill up the rest of the space, and the kitchen is open to the diners so that they can see the chefs work their magic.

irene 495

We started the evening with some cocktails from their unique list and enjoyed the Torquay Tonic (Bacardi Rum, The Kraken black spiced rum, combier,  passion fruit, and bubbles) and the Melbourne CBD a delish concoction of Strawberry infused vodka, elderflower, and pressed lemon.  Both very refreshing.  Cocktails run $12-$14.   Our table sampled some of the appetizers on the menu.  We started with Tuna Tartare, along with Arancini Balls rice balls made with mushrooms, and black garlic mayo. Both a nice light way to begin the meal, yet infused with flavor.

irene 500

The Diver Caught Scallops was a delicious offering with grilled scallops, with chili, cashew relish, hijiki and pea shoots.

irene 511

Diver Caught Scallops

I soon learned from the Chef Brad Stewart that Australia has many immigrants from Vietnam, Singapore and other countries of South East Asia that have brought some of their spicy filled dishes down under. They have influenced traditional Australian cuisine by infusing those dishes with the spices of their home countries.  You may want to alter your amount of spice to your taste.   Chicken San Cho Bau was next and continued the Asian influence with this dish of sliced chicken with Bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, bean sprouts and served in a lettuce cup.  Light and tasty.  Appetizers run $7-$17.

irene 519

Chicken San Cho Bau

The entree portion of the menu continues the dining adventure. The menu has only 7 main selections which include seafood, lamb, pasta, steak, and kangaroo.  Yes, you read that right.  We did not sample the kangaroo, though members of our party did and they seemed to enjoy the dish.  We sampled the Branzino which was light and delicious and a new addition to the menu.   We look forward to an expansion of this part of the menu and a vegetarian option would be great to see.   Main dishes run  $21-$34.

irene 560

Flinders Lane (which also has a location in NYC) is a welcome and interesting addition to the Stamford dining scene, and should you feel a sense of adventure, then this is the spot for you.

Flinders Lane

184 Summer Street Stamford Ct.                          tel.203.323.3137

web>>>> https://www.flinderslane-nyc.com/location/stamford/

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