An Evening of One Acts: a fun evening of short plays at the Ridgefield Theater Barn

eve one acts

The Ridgefield Theater Barn presents its An Evening of One Acts 2018 until March 31st.  This popular series at the Theater Barn produced by Paulette Layton is a fun filled two plus hours of eight original unpublished short  plays which are separated by 4 short 1 minute vignettes.   This is a unique format that allows writers, directors and actors of all experience showcase their talents on the Theater Barn stage in brief format “acts”, each being no longer than 15 minutes in length.

The first hour or Act One featured 4 short plays and two one minute vignettes.  Each play has different actors, writers and directors which give the evening a fresh feel.  Most of the plays were comedies which had the opening night audience laughing and applauding.   Subject matter of the plays ranges from a couple debating who is in charge of the Netflix account in “NetFits“, to the crowd pleasing “The Great Thing about Me” where office workers deal with a co-worker who constantly talks about himself and his ambition to be a stand up comedian.

Act two follows the same format with the strongest plays being “My Scale is Lying to Me”, a tale of a woman returning a scale to the store which instead of displaying her weight, gives her messages about her cheating husband which she cannot believe.   “Double Date” directed by Nick Kaye who also stars in the play (also seen on the Barn stage in Educating Rita) is a interesting and very funny story of the multiple personas within all of us, and how they emerge during dating.  This was a favorite of the audience and the story by Albi Gorn was very creative.    “Good Grief” was another highlight of the evening telling the tale of a woman who cannot get past the idea that the man she is dating is an undertaker.  Despite his occupation they find in a funny way that they have much in common.  The evening moves along quickly and is full of laughs.

The Ridgefield Theater Barn is a real local treasure of community theater and offers a platform for the many talented writers, actors, and directors we have in our area.  The Theater is a small intimate venue and you sit cabaret style and guests are encouraged to bring their own dinner and wine to enjoy prior to the show.  The Barn now has a bar with wine, craft beers and a special cocktail for the show.

Tickets are $35 for adults,and $28 for seniors, students and vets.

for tickets and more info>>>

Ridgefield Theater Barn

37 Halpin Lane Ridgefield Ct.     tel.  203.431.9850

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