Bareburger of Ridgefield: organic fresh food sets this burger place apart

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Bareburger is not just another burger restaurant.  This is an eatery with a mission to provide its customers with a blend of the finest natural ingredients, locally sourced when possible and complimented with great service.

Bareburger  is passionate about the ingredients in its menu items and that translate to delicious dishes.  The Veggies and fruit are all certified organic, and non-gmo.   The meat used in the burgers is from Vermont Country Farm of Fossil Farms and is from cattle that is natural grass grazing animals.   The chicken is from free range, cage free chickens and no steroids or anti biotics.

Even the sauces are made with organic ingredients, non-GMO and cage free eggs.   Soda comes from Maine Root Soda and uses fresh organic ingredients and spices.  The coffee and tea is all free trade and is organic.  Bareburger provides a healthy and satisfying alternative to the usual burger joint.

At our meal we sampled some of the burgers on the menu.  Please note that the menu is not just beef burgers, there is also elk, duck, bison, lamb and turkey.   For the vegetarian and  healthy eater in your party have no fear as there are several tasty and innovative veggie burger options for you as well.

We started our meal with a healthy plate of crispy brussel sprouts, a tasty starter to share with asiago and sea salt.  There are a number of share dishes including fries, chicken tenders and even delicious falafel cups.

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We followed up with another healthy option, the Cali Fresh Salad, one of more than 20 salads on the menu .  The delicious and healthy Cali featured baby kale, green hummus, quinoa, grape tomato, alfalfa in a lemon tahini dressing.  Great alone or to share.

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Cali Fresh Salad

You can build your own burger at Bareburger or choose from the list of 15 options.  We sampled the Buckaroo burger featuring beef, brisket, aged cheddar, mushroom and smoke sauce on a brioche bun.  Talk about a tasty combination.  We also shared the healthy So Cal with turkey, cheddar, guacamole, alfafa on a sprout bun.  My first time eating a sprout bun, which is much like a multi grain and was a perfect complement to the burger.

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We went vegetarian on the next options with the Farmstead which features a sweet potato and wild rice patty, green hummus, kale, avocado basil dressing in a collard green wrap.  Not your traditional burger for sure but a very fresh and tasty dish.     The Prairie, is a quinoa patty, vegan American cheese, roasted onions, garlic, baby spinach on a sprout bun.  We ordered without the onions and this dish was really delicious and one of my favorite veggie burgers I have sampled in a long time.


Bareburger is not just food, but has amazing fresh fruity sodas (we tried the unique blueberry soda) and of course decadent milk shakes.  We sampled the Raspberry Nutella shake and it was loaded with fresh flavor.   There are desserts as well  (8 in all) and you can even build your own shake.



Bareburger has something for everyone.  Great organic meats for the carnivore in the family, healthy organic salads,  and other healthy veggie options.   With a laid back vibe, reasonable prices and great service, this is place you will want to return time and time again.

Burgers:  $9.65 to $13.95

Salads: side salads start at $5,  share salads are higher

Sides: $3.50 and up

You can even order on line for pick up at the restaurant.

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Bareburger (Ridgefield Ct)

38  Danbury Road Ridgefield, Ct

tel. 203.438.2273


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