Classic Harbor Line: A fun and elegant way to tour NYC

Irene May 939

Even if you are a frequent visitor or resident of New York City, you really have not experienced the wonder that is New York until you have seen it in a luxury motor yacht.   Recently we had the great pleasure to tour Manhattan by boat and enjoy a fantastic Sunday Brunch.  This is a three-hour escape that will you will remember long after the yacht ties up back at its pier in Chelsea.

Irene May 905

Sunday brunch is just one of the fantastic tours you can take on the Classic Harbor Line.  The fleet has several classic yachts and sailing vessels  and we were able to cruise in high style on the Manhattan II.     The yacht recalls the elegant era of the 1920s motor yachts.  It is 100 feet long  and is outfitted with beautiful polished teak with mahogany accents.  The yacht is enclosed with large panoramic glass windows, glass ceiling, cozy tables, and a full service bar.

On the bow of the vessel is an outdoor area where you can get an unobstructed view of the cityscape and allow the breeze to blow through your hair.


The Manhattan II makes its home port at Chelsea Piers on the west side of Manhattan.  Parking is available there or at private garages located a short walk away.    As the yacht was tied off, and slipped away from the pier, it turned south into the Hudson for our three hour adventure.

We opted for the Sunday Brunch cruise but there are other very interesting cruises available:

  • Wine tasting tours
  • Wine and cheese tasting
  • Champagne Sunset tour
  • Architecture tour
  • Jazz
  • Fall foliage (up the Hudson River)

Our brunch was excellent and served as a buffet and there was plenty of food for the guest that day.  Some of the delicious offerings were pasties, rolls, croissants, quiche fresh fruit,  waffle station and more! And of course a full bar serving mimosas and even local NY craft brews.

The ship is equipped with a state of the art sound system and the knowledgable captain pointed out land marks as well as other points of interest.  This cruise took up down the Hudson to the Statue of Liberty up past Governors Island and into the East River.  Sailing by the ever changing cityscape was fantastic and it is such a great way to experience the city.

The tour took us up the Harlem River where we met the Hudson River and turned south the length of Manhattan Back to Chelsea.  On that day,  a warm sea breeze greeted us as the yacht made its way down river.

The Classic Harbor Line is a special way to see Manhattan and should not be missed.  For more information on this cruise and the many other adventures visit their website.

Classic Harbor Line Cruises

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