Sleuth: A great mystery to solve at the MTC Mainstage in Norwalk


A wonderful mystery play has come to the MTC Mainstage in Norwalk, Ct.   Sleuth is being presented at the theater in a limited run through November 20, 2016.   The play was originally produced in 1970 and written by Anthony Schaffer and was released as a motion picture in 1972 starring Laurence Olivier and Michael Caine.  Both actors received Academy Award nominations for their performances.

The plot involves Andrew Wyke, and British writer of crime novels who lives in a country home in the English countryside filled with games.  He invites his wife’s lover, Milo Tindle to his home to confront him on their relationship.  Surprisingly, Andrew wants Milo to run off with his wife but Milo does not have the means to support her in the lifestyle to which she has grown to enjoy.  Andrew hatches a plot whereby Milo will break into Andrew’s home, steal a large sum of jewelry which he can pawn, and Andrew can file a claim against his insurance policy.    Andrew’s plan  has much more than just insurance fraud  as we find out.   The plot begins to thicken and the audience is drawn deeper into the intrigue and the working of the crime novelists mind.  The play keeps the audience on the edge of your seat until its conclusion


The story moves along quite briskly during the two hour performance which includes fantastic performances by David Brickman as Milo Tindle and John Little as Andrew Wyke.  The theater is a small intimate space with seating on three sides of the stage.  The stage is flat and level with the first row of seats so that you feel as if you are actually in the play itself.  The set design by Jordan Janota is great as the manor house parlor is filled with furniture and games and that gives the feeling that you are inside one of the rooms from the board game, CLUE.  Very effective.

The play enjoys wonderful direction from Pamela Hill, and credit to  Kevin Connors ( Executive Artistic Director) and Michael Blagys (Lighting design) for their contributions to such a great evening of theater.

Tickets start at $45 and are available online.

MTC  Musical Theater of Connecticut

509 Westport Avenue  Norwalk Ct              tel: 203.454.3883


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