Next Stop: Exit 4 In Mount Kisco


Food halls are undeniably one of the latest trends in dining. While prominent in New York City, food halls are starting to make their way into the Hudson Valley. Exit 4 Food Hall is the first one to open in Westchester County. Take a trip to Mount Kisco to taste the amazing local and fresh flavors at Exit 4.


This dining venue offers 9 food stations for customers to try. The restaurant prides itself in serving fresh and local food. Mt. Kisco Seafood, wood fired pizza made from scratch, homemade pasta, and even Myong Salad are the participating local food providers. The restaurant even offers beverages from local breweries and coffee purveyors. Stations include Rotiss-A-Q, Panini/ Sandwich/ Wrap Station, Dirty Roots (salads and smoothies), Fuoco Wood Fired Pizza, Inno Sushi, Piacci Pasta Bar, X4 on Tap, Charcuterie, and Rawsome Seafood Bar.

With 9 stations available, there is always something new and exciting to try. If you come with a group there is a dining option for everyone.

You can meet and converse with new people by sitting at one of Exit 4’s communal tables. Following the theme of sustainability, glass bottles with filtered water is also provided.


We started our meal with a Bok Choi salad from Dirty Roots (Myong). This healthy yet dynamic salad was comprised of sunflower seeds, walnuts, dried mango, cranberries, and crunchy noodles drizzled in a light red chili vinaigrette.


Bok Choi Salad


We then devoured brussles sprouts pasta from Piacci. The linguini is homemade and prepared daily at Exit 4. This certainly was the perfect summer dish; a very light pasta incorporated with brussles sprouts and butternut squash. The sprinkled pancetta made for a flavorsome topping.

From Inno Sushi, we tried the crispy rice sushi special. Even my-non seafood lover buddy couldn’t get enough of this delish fare. Spicy tuna and jalapeños were delicately topped on firm crispy rice. The contrast between crunch of the rice and zest of the sushi made for a party in my mouth. Inno Sushi devotes themselves to emulating the most popular and newest sushi trends. This includes the trendy sushi burrito and poke bowls.


Our group then ordered a chicken bowl and brisket burrito from Rotiss-A-Q. In a crispy taco bowl were pieces of rotisserie chicken layered with guacamole, pico de gallo, rice, beans, cheddar, lettuce and roasted veggies.   The brisket burrito included rice, beans, corn, and lettuce. It was fresh and delicious.

I could not pass up trying the high quality fish tacos. These appetizing tacos constituted of tantalizing pico de gallo, luscious avocado and other tasty spices.


Fish Tacos

We then noshed on a very flavorful and unique wood-fired fig pizza. This unconventional pizza included fig, prosciutto, caramelized onions, fresh mozzarella and Italian parsley. There are a variety of pizzas to choose: from traditional pizza to unique pies. Try the Stracciatella or Pistachio for something new and exciting.

To finish this spectacular meal, we unanimously decided to order the skillet cookie. A warm gooey cookie with large chocolate chunks was brought to the table. A scoop of refreshing vanilla ice cream laid perfectly on top of this marvelous creation.


Skillet Cookie

For a fun and different dining alternative, make sure you stop at Exit 4 Dining Hall in Mt. Kisco.


Exit 4 Food Hall

153 Main St. Mount Kisco, NY 10549

(914) 241-1200


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Million Dollar Quartet: Rock & Roll history comes to life at the Westchester Broadway Theater


Quartet 1

The musical “Million Dollar Quartet” is rocking audiences at the Westchester Broadway Theater.  The international hit musical which ran on Broadway and received three Tony Nominations was inspired by an actual event in Rock and Roll history.  On December 4, 1956, four early Rock and Roll artists just happen to get together at Sun Records Studios in Memphis for a jam session.   The artists that came together that night were Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins (Blue Suede Shoes), Johnny Cash and a new comer named Jerry Lee Lewis (Great Balls of Fire).   The session which was recorded became rock and roll legend and the four would never play together again.

JVP03001 (1480x1184)

The musical is inspired by that fateful evening back in 1956.  The performance is part rock concert,  and part musical.  Inter weaved with all the great Rock and Roll songs from that era is the story of Sun Records,  Sam Phillips and the artists themselves.

Sam Phillips was the owner of Sun Records Studio, a tiny shop  in Memphis. Phillips had an uncanny ability of discovering raw talent.  It was he who discovered and promoted a  young Elvis Presley , Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins,  Jerry Lee Lewis, and later Roy Orbison who would all become some of the biggest stars in early Rock music history.

JVP_0241 (1280x1024)

The musical takes place entirely in Sun Studios on the evening of December 4, 1956.  The story is narrated by Sam Phillips who sets the scene of that fateful evening.   Carl Perkins has come to the studios with his brother and their drummer to work on a new record.  Sam Phillips has brought in a new talent, a feisty and unpredictable Jerry Lee Lewis to play piano on the track.  Later Johnny Cash drops in to discuss his contract renewal with Sun Records.  Eventually Elvis and his girlfriend stop by (Elvis at this point has moved on to RCA records)  and the jam session begins.   The stage design is brilliant and depicts the studio and recording room of Sun Records, and really transports the viewer back in time.  Very effective.


The audience not only learns some of the history of these important artists, but are treated to a lively concert of great hits including, Blue Suede Shoes, Great Balls of Fire, Matchbox, Fever, Whole lot of Shakin’ Going on, Folsom Prison Blues and more.  The cast shows off its talents at acting, singing and playing guitar or piano.  The actors are not trying to actually impersonate or imitate the original artists.   Their performances are more inspired by the actual artists which allows their talents to really shine.  The performance was fantastic and the cast received a standing ovation from the opening night crowd.

The production stars Dominique Scott as Jerry Lee Lewis , Ari McKay Wilford as Elvis Presley, Sky Seals as Johnny Cash, Jason Loughlin as Sam Phillips, John Michael Presney as Carl Perkins, and Bligh Voth as Dyanne (girlfriend of Elvis).  Rounding out the cast are Sam Weber as the stand up bass playing Jay Perkins, and David Sonneborn as Fluke.  Set Design by Derek McLane .

Directed by Hunter Foster, who appeared in the original cast. The musical director is David Sonneborn.


Photo from the original jam session 1956

Million Dollar Quartet runs through September 11, 2016

Discounts available for groups (20 or more)

Dinner (salad, entree and dessert) is served prior to the performance and is included in the purchase price.    Wine and cocktails available at additional cost.  Luxury Boxes are also available for groups of 6 to 20.

For ticket information:

Westchester Broadway Theater

1 Broadway Plaza

Elmsford New York 10526

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Try a new local restaurant as Hudson Valley Restuarant Week Returns


#hvrw  #hudsonvalleyrestaurantweek

Hudson Valley Restaurant Week, presented by Valley Table Magazine is back again! Starting Monday March 7, 2016 and it runs through Sunday March 20,2016.  This year marks the 10th anniversary of this very special celebration of local foods and restaurants. This event involves over 200 participating restaurants in the Hudson Valley which offers diners special three-course price fixe dinner menus for $29.95 (not including beverage, tax and gratuity).  Many of these fine restaurants also offer 3-course price fixe lunches for $20.95 (not including beverage, tax and gratuity).  Many of the chefs source their fresh ingredients, wines and craft beers from New York State farmers and producers.

This is an amazing opportunity to try new restaurants, or revisit some old favorites at a reasonable price. There are no tickets to buy and the process is easy ! Go to the Valley Table website and scroll down and view the participating restaurants, then choose a restaurant (or more), call them to make a reservation and then enjoy!

You really should not miss this special time get out and dine at some of the fantastic restaurants we have here in the Hudson Valley.

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Los Jalapenos: A new Mexican restaurant in New Paltz



During a recent visit to New Paltz, I walked by this restaurant and decided to go in an give it a try. Los Jalapenos is a Mexican restaurant which opened in October 2015 and joins the many restaurants in the lively New Paltz dining scene. I had heard good things about this new restaurant and thought lunch would be a great time to explore their menu. The restaurant is a nice cozy place with a Mexican motif and sits about 40 patrons inside. When warmer weather arrives dining will expand onto the outside deck off the side of the building.
All of the menu items are fresh and made to order . There are typical Mexican dishes as well as some interesting specialties to try.


Fresh Guacamole in a stone bowl

To begin with we sampled the homemade guacamole which is prepared table side with fresh avocados and is served in a unique stone bowl. The waiter who prepared the guacamole can adjust the flavor or amount of spice to your taste. We also tried as an appetizer the Grilled Chicken and cheese Quesedilla which was served with salsa, jalapenos and guacamole. Everyone at the table agreed this was a great choice.


Chicken Quesadilla

For entrees I ordered the Shrimp enchiladas with a mild red sauce. There were large pieces of fresh shrimp inside a soft tortilla. It was a nice change from the regular Mexican restaurant fare, and the freshness of the ingredients made for a healthy choice.
The steak fajitas were another choice and was served on a sizzling platter. I was told it was extra spicy and served with pepper and onions. You can ask the waiter and they will modify your dish to your wishes (ex: less spicy, more sauce).

A Beef Burrito with cheese was another selection as was the Shredded Chicken Chimichangas which were fried, but were light and crispy and not at all greasy. It was served with salad, pico de gallo, guacamole and sour cream. Al the dishes really hit the spot and are served with rice and refried beans which are made fresh daily. The meat is all marinated in advance and it makes all the difference in the flavor.



Although we were quite full, we shared a Mexican dessert called Bonuelo which is a flour tortilla with vanilla ice cream, maple syrup, cinnamon, bananas, strawberries and whipped cream. What a sweet and interesting conclusion to our lunch.

The dishes at the restaurant are nicely presented and service was great. The freshness of the food and the presentation really sets Los Jalapenos apart. Wine and beer are also available, and a full bar is expected in the near future. If you are in the village of New Paltz for sightseeing, apple picking, hiking, mountain biking, or just exploring, come check out Los Jalapenos.


Los Jalapenos
25 North Chestnut Street (RT 32) New Paltz, New York


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The Turk: Authentic Turkish cuisine comes to Mt. Kisco

turk 2
A recent entry to the lively restaurant scene in Mt. Kisco, NY is The Turk, located in the heart of downtown right on the corner of South Moger Ave. and Kirby Plaza. The Turk which opened in August 2015 is an eatery offering authentic Turkish cuisine with an emphasis on fresh ingredients and preparation. Among the offerings are kebabs, hummus and various grilled meats that are prepared with a variety of spices and herbs, and the overall effect is rich in flavor and not too spicy .
The entire restaurant has been renovated from top to bottom and has a touch of Turkish themed decor blended with modern finishes such as bamboo floors, stone walls, and Edison bulb lighting. There is a small corner of the restaurant called the Turkish Corner, IMG_1550

with two tables, benches, pillows and Turkish plates and pottery which is where we decided to sit.
The friendly waiter brought us a plate of soft and warm pita bread. With the bread was a small bowl filled with a blend of olive oil, red pepper, garlic and spices in which we dipped our pita bread. Very tasty starter to our meal. As it was a cold winter day we started our meal with a bowl of lentil soup which consisted of pureed red lentils, Turkish seasoning and fresh herbs. It was thick and had just enough spice to warm you up on a chilly day.


We shared a Mediterranean salad which had fresh lettuce, red cabbage, shredded carrots, tomatoes. and feta cheese and lightly dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. Another nice item to try is the Shepherd Salad- chopped tomatoes, cucumber, green peppers, onion and parsley in a vinaigrette dressing. It was quite the tasty dish. We also tried the Sigora Borkek (Cigar in Turkish) which is a pan fried filo pastry stuffed with feta cheese and parsley. It was quite enjoyable.

irene phone 752

Sigora Borek

For our entree we had a chicken kebab dish and a mixed grill kebab platter which had both lamb and chicken. This was served with rice and bulgur, and . healthy greens. With the dish was a dipping sauce made from yogurt and dill and it was a nice way to compliment the spices on the meat.

We ended the meal with some Turkish tea and some dessert. The Kazandibi was a crème Brule type dessert was light and creamy. We also sampled the Baklava pistachio which combined pistachio, walnuts and syrup in a filo pastry which created a delicious way to end the meal.

irene phone 758

Turkish cuisine is similar to other Mediterranean cuisines (such as Greek) with its emphasis on lean meats, fresh ingredients, lemon, olive oil and vegetables. The Turk is a great place to sample a variety of delicious authentic Turkish dishes right here in the Hudson Valley.

The Turk
20 South Moger Ave. Mt.Kisco, NY 914-864-1900
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Chinese dining like you remember (only better) at Imperial Wok

Many of us grew up going to a Chinese restaurant and they seemed to be everywhere. In the last 15 years or more there has been a culinary shift toward sushi, Asian Fusion, and other forms of Asian restaurants. And while take-out places still offer the classic Chinese-American favorites there are however those of us who still desire a sit down Chinese restaurant that serves the standards as well as some interesting newer dishes.
A recent visit to Imperial Wok in Somers, NY confirmed that this cuisine is still in demand. Imperial Wok offers all the traditional favorites as well as sushi, tempura, Teriyaki and house specials. Vegetarians are welcome as almost 20 veggie and tofu dishes are offered. The waitress explained that dishes can be modified to taste, amount or type of sauce, substitute different vegetables, spices or more . Every dish is made fresh and can be modified to order.

Frank 2015-16 822

Seafood Soup for two

Our party of four came for lunch and tried a number of delicious items on the menu. As it was a cold winter day, we started with soup. Wonton soup (a traditional favorite) was fresh, not salty and prepared with thin wrapped wontons that melted in your mouth unlike the thick chewy wontons often seen in wonton soup. We also ordered Seafood Tofu Soup for two which was hearty but light, and featured egg white, peas and seafood. A real winner.

Frank 2015-16 825

Steamed Vegetable Dumplings

We followed up our soup with Steamed Vegetable Dumplings a tasty dish for those looking to keep it light. Each steamed dumpling was filled with finely chopped veggies. Very healthy choice. We also sampled a new dish for us, a Chicken Vegetable Wrap. This plate involved the diner taking a leaf of lettuce, adding chicken cooked in a brown sauce with pine nuts and spooning it onto the lettuce leaf and then rolling it up like a wrap.

Frank 2015-16 823

Chicken Vegetable Wrap

The contrast of crispy lettuce with the chicken and pine nuts was quite satisfying. A hoisin sauce on the side was also provided.
We moved on to main dishes with an old favorite and some new (for us) dishes as well. Sesame Chicken which is a Chinese restaurant staple was crispy, perfectly cooked and delicious. Also ordered was the Korean BBQ Beef, which was wok sauteed, then served with fresh mushrooms on a hot sizzling plate.

Frank 2015-16 830

Korean BBQ Beef



A third dish, Mango Chicken was a real interesting and flavorful choice as the chicken was prepared with fresh sliced mango, pea pods and bell pepper. Lastly was Club Seafood a dish of mixed seafood (Lobster,shrimp,scallops,and shrimp) served with veggies in a white sauce. A seafood lovers delight.

Frank 2015-16 831

Mango Chicken


Frank 2015-16 834

Club Seafood

For Sushi lovers there is a sushi bar (which I understand will be expanded) and there are numerous rolls available including the standards and a long list of Special rolls.





If you are looking for  that traditional sit down Chinese restaurant with special dishes and an emphasis on fresh ingredients and preparation, you should visit Imperial Wok in Somers.

Frank 2015-16 804
Imperial Wok
13 Heritage Hills 202 Center Somers, NY


Frank 2015-16 838

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The Cheese Plate: A Touch of Europe with Locally Sourced Products in New Paltz




For a unique meal with a touch of the French countryside, try The Cheese Plate located in the lovely Water Street Marketplace in New Paltz NY. New Paltz located in the heart of the Hudson Valley in Ulster County is a great destination town and the Water Street Market located on Main Street is a interesting assortment of shops and dining options in a village-like setting. On a recent visit I decided to stop into the Cheese Plate to taste some cheeses as the whole shop caters to New York dairy products. There is also a wide and fine selection of locally sourced food products and great selection of other products for the home which would make great holiday gifts of hostess gifts and they will gift wrap your selection. I saw a nice slate board from JK Adams of Dorset Vermont as well as other interesting items to give as presents.


You can visit the shop and buy artisan cheeses to take home or to enjoy there. My family wanted to eat inside the shop which is part retail shop and part sit down eatery. The space is warm and friendly and has the feeling that you are in the French countryside. In the nicer weather there are tables outside to people watch and enjoy the air.


Lots of gifts and local products for sale

Our meal began with a cheese platter which was beautifully arranged. We chose three different cheeses for the platter, a Walton Umber which is semi soft with a creamy taste. This cheese comes from nearby Walton NY. The second was type of cheese was St Stephen cheese from Four Fat Fowl Creamery in Stephentown NY . This tasty cheese was decadent and buttery and oh so soft. Our last pick was a dulcinea cheese from Fonda NY. I loved this firm sheepsmilk cheese which can be compared to a manchego. The platter also contained a Mediterranean olive mix, sausage from the Molinari family of San Francisco and chocolate from Oliver Kita a hand made chocolate company from the Hudson Valley that focuses on fair trade and organic ingredients. The chocolate was 70% dark cacao and was a great addition to the cheese. We also enjoyed local fresh pressed cider with our meal.


Cheese Platter

After the platter we ordered a cold cheese sandwich called the Mohonk (named after the mountain that overlooks New Paltz) that I loved. The sandwich was made with local cow cheese from Beechers cheese company and also sausage and a fruit chutney. The bread was from Bread Alone, a Hudson Valley baker.


Mohonk sandwich

Our other selection was a grilled gouda sandwich had a tangy, buttery and creamy edge and topped with a fig and black tea chutney. A delicious must have sandwich.


Grilled Gouda sandwich

Everyone in the shop is very friendly and helpful and they have great knowledge about all the cheeses and can help you with your selection. Teresa the owner of Cheese Plate is a lovely local woman who shows passion in her commitment to locally sourced products and her eclectic and interesting gift items on display in the shop.
New Paltz is a great town for a day trip with plenty to do and see. It is right in the heart of the Hudson Valley, and right off the New York State Thruway. For a different twist on the farm to market scene, combined with a French country feel,  you should try The Cheese Plate.

water street
The Cheese Plate (at Water Street Market)
10 Main Street Suite 302 New Paltz, New York

The Cheese Plate’s Website

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I ON The Valley Is A Year Old!


Looking Back On Our First Year of Celebrating the Hudson Valley

This December marks one year since I On The Valley was created. Since then I On The Valley has published a multitude of reviews and covered numerous events in the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas.

The Hudson Valley is truly a wondrous place, there are a multitude of phenomenal towns, exquisite restaurants, and sensational events that happen in this dynamic area. We thank you all for following and reading our blog as we have grown throughout the year!  In the future we hope to discover and write more about the Hudson Valley. I ON The Valley strives to show how remarkable the Hudson Valley is and highlight our love of the area by continuing to write articles about the area.

Stay tuned for more our upcoming posts!

In the spirit of blogs and endorsing the Hudson Valley, here are new blogs that share our love of this place we call home!

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Just in time for the Holidays! “Tim and Scrooge” at the Westchester Broadway Theatre

tim scrooge 2
Tim and Scrooge is a continuation of the story of “ A Christmas Carol” and this production is a musical sequel to the famous Charles Dickens story. In this tale, 12 years have elapsed since Ebenezer Scrooge underwent his transformation from a horrible miserly man to the kindly and generous benefactor Tiny Tim and the rest of the Cratchit family. The story opens with Scrooge taking on a new role. Now he is a ghost and has left his fortune and accounting business to Tim (now 20 years old). Tim is now attending University where he is following his passion to become a teacher and has fallen love with Allison.
The story is set during the 19th century around Christmas time. We follow Tim as he is caught in the dilemma of following in his father’s footsteps at the accounting firm and, pleasing his family or follow his passion for teaching and his love for Allison. Tim is terribly conflicted by his choices, and ironically it is the ghost of Scrooge who comes to guide him in the right direction. It is a wonderful story of love, family, and the choices we make that influence the direction of our lives.
The play was composed by Neil Berg and lyrics by Nick Meglin. The musical premiered at the NYMF festival in New York City and garnered rave reviews. It was staged in London and has toured the U.S. for 5 years. It now comes to Westchester and it a perfect show for the holiday season.
The fantastic cast includes George Lee Andrews as Scrooge (credits include original cast member of Phantom of the Opera on Broadway, Sweeney Todd (2014) and Evita (2012) also on Broadway and many other credits). There were so many excellent performers in this production but special mention should be noted for Justin Scott Brown as Tim who was cast in the National Tour of Les Miserables, and has numerous theatrical credits. Rita Harvey shines as Allison and has appeared on Broadway in Fiddler on the Roof, Phantom of the Opera and the National Tour or Phantom. Her vocal performances are not to be missed
Tim and Scrooge is a great holiday show and will be at the Westchester Broadway Theater in Elmsford through December 27. Dinner is included with the price of your ticket and you eat  right before the show. There is an intermission of one half hour between Act One and Two.

Parking is free.
For more information on this great show
Westchester Broadway Theatre
One Broadway Plaza Elmsford, New York 914-592-2222

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Brothers Trattoria: A classic family Italian eatery in the heart of Beacon


Beacon NY on the Hudson River in Dutchess County is a hip town which has been undergoing a renaissance in the last decade or so. With a train station on Metro North’s Hudson line, and close proximity to Interstate 84 and NY Rt 9, the town has become a destination stop for people from New York City and the Hudson Valley seeking a great place to spend the day. Main Street in Beacon is an oasis of shops, antiques, art galleries, coffee houses, and restaurants all located in an architecturally interesting street of late 19th century brick buildings.

After an afternoon of exploring Main Street and its many attractions, we decided to dine at Brothers Trattoria located in a beautiful brick building built in 1889. The restaurant has three separate dining areas, the casual front dining room (great for pizza with the family), the more formal main dining room with its white table cloths and soft warm colors which create an elegant atmosphere, and the comfortable tavern room with its


Main Dining room

fireplace,  brick walls, tables with couches and intimate bar. No televisions in this bar as this room is for dining and conversation with family and friends.


Being in such a warm and inviting space we eagerly awaited the to dine. The menu is traditional Italian, with a large variety of dishes and daily specials. For appetizer we ordered Pasta Fagioli soup which was warm, delicious and tasted so fresh. I was told all soups are made to order and not prepared hours in advance.


Pasta Fagioli

My husband ordered Shrimp pesto gnocchi in a creamy basil sauce . This gnocchi was fresh, and full of flavor and could make a wonderful entree of its own.



For our entree I ordered the Frutta di Mare which included shrimp, clams, scallops and muscles in a garlic white wine sauce. On the side I had a dish of broccoli rabe but pasta is what the dish normally is prepared. The portion was large, fresh and fantastic.


Frutta di mare

My husband ordered Chicken Darden which is a delightful dish of chicken breast and shrimp sauteed with sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms in a garlic white wine sauce. The dish was excellent and the portion was large and very filling. My husband decided to take the rest home for another meal. A generous salad is also provided with each meal, which is a nice touch and is missing in so many restaurants today which charge you extra for a salad.  Service was amazing from start to finish.


Chicken Darden

We were so full from our great meal that we unfortunately had to miss dessert. We did cap off our meal with a cappuccino which like the rest of our meal was great. Brothers Trattoria is a family owned business with several members of the same family led by owner Ken Barisha working together to create a warm family atmosphere with great Italian food. This is a place you will want to bring your family to dine and enjoy all that Beacon has to offer. We will be returning and after this meal, we truly  feel like we are part of the family.


Brothers Trattoria

465 Main Street Beacon New York   845-838-3300


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