Ridge Hill now has a farmers market, music and more every Friday

Summer brings not only warm weather and sunshine, it also means the return of outdoor farmers markets.  Recently we visited the outdoor farmers market at the Ridge Hill Shopping Center in Yonkers. Ridge Hill is a unique outdoor shopping experience that draws patrons from all over.  The center is conveniently located between the Sprain Brook Parkway and the  New York State Thruway.

The farmers market will feature fresh food and drink from Sasha’s Seafood, Wave Hill Breads,  and many more.  Live music adds to the fun atmosphere of the market.

As a bonus after shopping at the market you can visit and shop at stores such as Apple, H&M, L.L. Bean, Orvis, Whole Foods, just to name a few.

Ridge Hill also has a variety of dining options including Public Pizza, Lefteris Gyro, and more.

The market starts June 4th and is held every Friday 11 am to 5pm

Ridge Hill Shopping Center

One Ridge Hill Blvd  Yonkers New York

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