Inka’s Seafood Grill: explore the tastes of Peru right in the heart of Westchester

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I have never dined at a Peruvian restaurant so I was eager to try Inka’s Seafood Grill.  Located in Armonk,  Inka’s Seafood Grill opened in 2017.  The chef from Peru has crafted a menu of classic dishes infused with the unique flavors of that South American nation.  Though at first you might think of Peru as just a mountainous nation but it actually has a coastline on the Pacific that is 1500 miles long which contributes to their love of seafood.

The restaurant is housed in its own building with convenient parking.   Inside the colors and lighting are warm and inviting.  To the right is a long bar with a stone face backdrop.  Upstairs is another dining room which also is perfect for private parties or events.

We started our evening with some interesting cocktails ($14) such as the Pisco Sour.  A interesting mix of Pisco, Egg White, Fresh Lime Juice, Angostura Bitters, and Simple Syrup.  Pisco is a brandy that is made in the wine producing regions of Peru.  A really interesting cocktail with a light white foam on top. We followed with the Inka’s Peach Tea a sweet refreshing concoction of Citron Vodka, Peach Schnapps, Apple Schapps, passion fruit, lemon juice and a splash of apple cider.  Fruity and fun.   We also sampled the Amazon Breeze another fun mix of tropical juices (passion, mango, pineapple, lime) with cranberry, pomegranate liqueur and coconut rum.  The perfect sweet cocktail to offset the savory dishes soon to come.

irene jan and feb 220

Signature cocktails set the mood for an evening of Peruvian cuisine

Appetizers are plentiful with 11 on the menu ($8-$15).  Though mostly seafood there are chicken and beef options.  We started with the Trio De Causa an interesting dish of three mashed potato towers one with crab, one with shrimp, one with octopus and a beautiful presentation.  The tasty seafood was offset by the soft mellow potato “tower” and was a real hit.  A real interesting departure from the usual seafood appetizers you normally see.

irene jan and feb 227

Trio de Causa

On the menu are 9 different Ceviches made from traditional Peruvian recipes.  Usually when I order a ceviche it arrives in a small glass, but this came in a nice size bowl.  I ordered the Ceviche Mixto which was diced white fish, mussels, calamari, octopus, shrimp, peruvian chili pepper, red onions, and cilantro.  This dish was almost entree sized and was delicious.  The Cerviches can all be ordered to be less or more spicy depending on your taste.

irene jan and feb 236

Cerviche Mixto

For the main course there are numerous options from the grill, seafood dishes, and pastas.  We sampled the Tuna en Costa de Quinoa, a tuna encrusted with rainbow quinoa and sliced potatoes in a shrimp sauce.  We learned that quinoa which is so popular today first originated in Peru.  I have never had tuna encrusted in quinoa before and this was a fantastic dish.

irene jan and feb 281

Tuna encrusted with quinoa

We also sampled a dish from the grill at the suggestion of our waiter.  The Parrillada Inka ($45) is a huge dish for two (or more) and is comprised of grilled seafood brochettes of shrimp, scallops, salmon and tuna in garlic butter. The brochettes are grilled to perfection on wooden skewers.

irene jan and feb 310

The amazing Parillada Inka

An amazing and filling dish.   There is another similar dish of meats instead of seafood that is  prepared in a similar fashion.

Dessert continued our exploration into Peruvian Cuisine.  We sampled the Lucama ice cream which was complex in taste and delicious.  Lucama is a Peruvian fruit grown at higher elevations and is filled with vitamins and minerals.  The fruit resembles an avocado with green skin and yellowish flesh, but the taste is much different, and has been described as having notes of sweet potato, maple syrup and even butterscotch.  Very unique.

We finished with the wonderful Mazamorra Morado a pudding like confection and a popular Peruvian dessert.  Purple in color and creamy it is made from purple corn and fruit and has a taste similar to blackberry.  Fun and fruity and served in a margarita glass.

irene jan and feb 324

Our meal at Inka’s was not just a meal but was an exploration into the culture and cuisine of Peru.  I learned so much in a few hours and in the same time had a memorable meal.  I truly recommend this restaurant for your next dining adventure.

Inka’s Seafood Grill

465 Main Street Armonk       tel.  914.730.1122


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