A Chorus Line high kicks into the Westchester Broadway Theater

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The Tony Award winning Broadway smash, A Chorus Line is now onstage at the Westchester Broadway Theater for a run through April 1, 2018.  The musical was first  staged in 1975 and would go on to an incredible run until 1990.  A Chorus Line would receive 9 Tony Awards and 7 Drama Desk awards and even a Pulitzer Prize for Drama.  At one point it held the title of being the longest running play on Broadway.

A Chorus Line is a unique musical in which the play is about the trials of a Broadway dancer.   The setting is 1975 in an era when Broadway was in decline and the classic era of great Broadway musicals was seemingly in the past.  The play is staged on an empty stage and we meet a group of professional dancers who are all auditioning to be in the chorus line of an upcoming musical.


The director, Zach has the task of putting the auditioning dancers through their paces as he tries to narrow down the field.  He is present onstage and sometimes offstage where the audience hears his voice talking to the actors.  Interestingly as part of  the audition the director questions and engages the actors about themselves and their lives.  As each actor is alone on the empty undecorated stage, they  are vulnerable and reveal their thoughts, fears and most personal feelings about themselves.   The effect is  quite moving as the audience sees them not just as synchronized dancers in a line, but real individuals full of emotion.

There is also references to the struggles the theater is going through during this period as each actor questions their future as declining performances and competition create an underlying anxiety with regards to their profession and the health of the theater during  that period.

The cast of 23 actors filled the stage at the Westchester Broadway Theater on opening night and the complicated dance moves with so many dancers on the stage was well choreographed and impressive.   Many of the 12 songs are sung by the company and they harmonized well.  Stand  out songs from the musical are I Hope I Get It,  Nothing,  The Music in the Mirror and One (Singular Sensation).

Director and Choreographer Mark Martino has done a fantastic job with the large cast of 23 talented actors and dancers.

A Chorus Line will have you tapping your feet and high kicking even after the house lights are raised!

Dinner is served prior to the performance and is included in your ticket price.  Come see Broadway talent right in the heart of Westchester.

for tickets and more information: http://www.broadwaytheatre.com

Westchester Broadway Theatre

1 Broadway Plaza

Elmsford NY

 tel.  914 592-2268

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