Patio 3 Restaurant: Authentic and Modern Mexican menu in Mt. Kisco

Irene December 2017 231

I recently had the opportunity to dine at Patio 3, located in the heart of Mt.Kisco.  Patio 3 is a Mexican restaurant which features a menu of authentic and modern Mexican cuisine.  While  the typical Tex Mex style offerings are present, they are not as heavy and saturated in cheese and sauce.  The eatery offers a refreshing selection of healthy dishes and features  wide variety of items with fresh ingredients as well as emphasis on modern interpretations of traditional dishes. Vegetarian dishes are also available with veggie  fajitas, quesadillas, and burritos on the menu. The soft muted colors of the restaurant with tile floors and wood pergolas created a warm inviting space.

We started our meal with a bowl of fresh guacamole that was prepared tableside and served in a  stone bowl.  The fresh avocados, onion and spices served with chips made for a nice beginning to our meal.  Drink selection is excellent and we enjoyed  Mango margaritas on the rocks with fresh juices and fine tequila. One of the best margaritas I have enjoyed in some time.  There is also a selection of beer and at our table one of our party enjoyed the Bull Dog Margarita which features a bottle of Corona inverted into the frozen margarita.  The drink is a real crowd pleaser and you must be thirsty to take on the challenge of this large drink.

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Our main courses included traditional and some lighter, healthier fare.   A special on the menu was the Squash Quesadillas which was made with Butternut Squash, goat cheese, black beans and red onions, served on soft tortillas with guacamole, sour cream, and pico de gallo. A unique and healthy dish that was light and delicious.

Irene December 2017 286

Squash Quesadilla

Also enjoyed was Camerones Al Tequila, a nice seafood dish made with tequila jumbo shrimp with garlic, chili powder, red onions, and  lime juice served with squash, zucchini and Mexican rice.  A well executed dish that was tasty as it was healthy.

Irene December 2017 337

Camarones Al Tequila

The Paella Mariscada was a delicious take on the traditional Spanish dish with shrimp, scallops, clams, mussles, red snapper, chorizo, calamari, saffron rice and mixed vegetables.  This is a seafood lovers delight.  I ordered mine without the chorizo and all their dishes can be made to order if you wish.

Irene December 2017 332

Seafood Paella

For something more traditional, the Chicken Chimichangas, crispy rolled flour tortillas with chicken, cheese, and served with a mild sauce, sour cream and guac.  Gone was the typical dish saturated in sauce and cheese and instead a dish where you can truly enjoy the crispness of the tortilla and the fresh ingredients.

Do not leave without tasting the fine after dinner coffees as well as the desserts.  We sampled the Bonelo Berry Tower, and the churros.  The desserts are delicious and worth sharing .  Patio 3 is a delightful restaurant that will make you want to return to again.

The Patio 3 Restaurant

222 Main Street Mount Kisco NY     tel. 914-864-2600


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