Wreck The Halls! An adult musical revue of the ups and downs of the Holidays now at the Ridgefield Theater Barn

wreck the halls 2017

Wreck The Halls is the latest production at the Ridgefield Theater Barn in Ridgefield Ct.  The production is a satirical musical look at the holiday season that is one part a critique of the holidays, one part mad cap comedy and mostly hysterical.  The musical revue which last played at the Barn during the 2015 Holiday season returns due to audience demand for this humorous musical review.

The production is not a typical musical but rather a musical revue with one separate musical number after the other and no spoken parts.  Act One (approximately  one hour) contains 14 songs that poke fun at the madness that can be the holiday season.  From “Welcome to “Grandmas House”, a send up of the dysfunctional  Thanksgiving dinner with relatives,  and ” Black Friday” which pokes fun at the madness of the sales that seem to overshadow the holiday season.  Other songs that sent laughter through the crowd on opening night were “Someone Spiked the Eggnog”,  “The Hanukkah Song”, and  a satirical look at the many holidays that crowd this season with “Happy Kwanzsaramahanumas” .  The all original score is accented with sharp wit and clever lyrics which had the audience laughing the entire time.

Act Two (about 45 minutes) keeps the humor rolling with the viewpoint of  the holidays by a tree topper in  “What a pain in the Derriere!” the silly but funny  “The Nutcrackers Lament”, the  sexy  “That Yule Log” with its seductive delivery by Carey Van Hollen  and thinly veiled sexual references, and the “Boys in Brown”, a salute to the late working package delivery men which was reminiscent of a scene from the musical Legally Blonde. Act Two is composed of 13 songs including the reprise of the opening number “Wreck the Halls”.

Wreck the Halls is the creation of Bradford Blake who is the composer, lyricist and director  of this very funny  and naughty musical.  He is also a member of the cast as well.  The lyrics are witty and creative and the score is memorable.   The cast is hilarious and works well together with standout performances from Mr. Blake and  Carey Van Hollen who has the best vocal performances of the evening.  The balance of the talented cast includes Priscilla Squires, Diana Matson, Duane Lanham and Alexis Vournazos who all reprise their roles from the 2015 production.

Please note there is some adult language and adult subject matter in the performance so I would not recommend this performance for children.    Doors open at 7 and you can bring your own food and dine before the show which starts at 8pm.  Seating is at tables, cabaret style. There is a short intermission.

New to this season is an updated look to the Theater Barn.  Now the lobby features a bar serving punch, wine, beer and snacks.   Seating inside the intimate theater has been also updated as well with tables for four or two and raised seating along the back rows for better viewing.

Need a break from the holidays?  A trip to “Wreck the Halls” may be just the ticket you need for some holiday laughs.   Performances run through December 30th 2017. For tickets and more information:

Tickets at $38 for adults, $30 for students, seniors, and veterans.

website for info and tickets http://www.ridgefieldtheaterbarn.org/

Ridgefield Theater Barn

37 Halpin Lane Ridgefield Ct    tel  203.431.9850

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