Enjoy Jazz Brunch at Mediterraneo of White Plains

Irene october 279

An upscale and relaxing Sunday Brunch dining experience awaits at Mediterraneo in White Plains.  The restaurant now has a Jazz Brunch on Sundays from 11am to 3pm and features not only fabulous food, but bottomless Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s and the soft sounds of a two piece group playing instrumental jazz.

The restaurant on the corner of Main Street and Renaissance Square is housed in a modern space with soaring two story high windows which open to the streetscape outside.    The space is very unique and attractive.   The menu at Mediterraneo is described as Mediterranean coastal cuisine with an emphasis on locally sourced ingredients and the freshest seafood.

Irene october 287

The menu for Sunday Brunch is a short list of 6 items ranging in price from $12-$23 with items such as Egg White Frittatas to Strip Steak and  scrambled eggs with mozzarella toast.  However as it is mid day you can opt for regular appetizers and entrees from the menu, which gives the guest many more delicious options.  There are 15 different appetizers on the menu priced from $10-$15 which provides a wide variety of options for you and your dining guests.

We sampled the delicious Butternut Squash  and Red Lentil soup.  This creamy soup also contained cumin, quinoa and lemon oil.  It was a good choice on  a fall day, and the cumin gave the soup a unique taste that was quite satisfying.  Very healthy and not too filling.

Irene october 298

Butternut Squash and Red Lentil Soup

Another choice was the Organic Farro and Escarole Salad with dried cranberries, roasted chestnuts and clementine slices.  A very healthy choice and the mix of ingredients was delicious with contrasting tastes between the hearty flavor of the farro and the sweet taste of the cranberries and clementines.   A pleasing selection that will not fill you up for your next course.

Irene october 294

Organic Farro and Escarole Salad

For entrees, we selected two from the available list of 17 different items.  One of our selections was the Jumbo Sea Scallops in a butternut squash puree, cranberry compote and pumpkin seeds.  The fresh sea scallops were expertly prepared and the choice of seasonal autumn ingredients was innovative and delicious.  A wonderful dish and a nice presentation.

Irene october 302

Jumbo Sea Scallops in a Butternut Squash Puree

We also enjoyed the Parmesan Crusted Fillet of Halibut, with tomato, chives, beurre blanc and roasted cauliflower.  The halibut was served in several smaller squares and surrounded the roasted cauliflower.  A really interesting take on halibut and it was delicious.  The roasted cauliflower was good compliment to the halibut, and beurre blanc was not heavy, but rather light.   The dish is definitive of the restaurants theme of coastal Mediterranean cuisine.

Irene october 318

Parmesan Crusted Halibut

If you are looking for a Sunday brunch experience that  provides a wide variety of fine dishes and the soft sounds of relaxing jazz music, then you should check out Mediterraneo of White Plains.

Mediterraneo of White Plains

189 Main Street White Plains New York

tel.  914.448.8800 

web: info and reservations:


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