Blockheads: fun, affordable, innovative and healthy Mexican comes to White Plains

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A successful Manhattan based eatery has brought its San Francisco style of Mexican food  and fun atmosphere to downtown White Plains.  Blockheads first opened in Manhattan 24 years ago and now has 5 locations around the city.  White Plains is their newest location and with it they have brought their signature style of casual, fun, and a lighter more innovative approach to Mexican cuisine.

The location is  right on Mamaroneck Avenue in White Plains.  The decor of Blockheads is eclectic and fun, and not the typical Mexican design motif.  No Mexican blankets on the walls, no sombreros, and no mustard colored stucco walls.  The floors are a mix of tiles, the walls are ship lap wood with an interesting collection of paintings and photographs, tables  with metal chairs painted bright colors.  The doors at the entrance are reclaimed from another location and are painted a distressed light green. Lighting is repurposed as well and are adorned with colorful bulbs.   After my first drink, I felt as if I was no longer in White Plains but on vacation somewhere sunny, carefree and  fun.

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We started with drinks and we just had to try a couple of the variety of fun frozen  margaritas. They have numerous flavors including, peach, mango, guava, coconut, passion fruit and even pomegranate.  We sampled the mango and the pomegranate and can report they were delicious.  Interesting they are not served in the typical margarita glass, which is consistent with Blockheads unique approach.  Also on the drink menu are beer, sangria and more interesting drinks.

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Frozen Margaritas in lots of fun flavors!


We dined at lunch and the food menu is clearly different from typical Mexican fare served in this country.  The heavy sauces and bombardment of gooey cheese is missing from the menu (thankfully!) and its place is a lighter and more innovative approach to Mexican food.  The stated mission of Blockheads is to make healthy eating affordable and fun.  All three the deliver on their mission.

We started with the Chicken Fajita Quesdilla as an appetizer which was full and spice and flavor.  You can tell the chef likes to experiment with combining dishes and different flavors.  It keeps the menu interesting.

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Tacos were up next and Blockheads serves its tacos by layering two lightly grilled soft tacos and then adding the ingredients.  We tried the fish and butternut squash tacos.  Both were excellent and light and I can honestly say I have never had a butter nut squash taco, but it was the perfect dish on a fall afternoon.

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Fish Taco and Butternut Squash Taco

We also tried the large and delicious Vegan Butternut Squash Burrito, a full 12 inch soft whole wheat tortilla stuffed with butternut squash, vegan cheese, brown rice and pinto beans.   I am not a vegan, but this dish was amazing.  I  felt  that we were eating a  super healthy as well as delicious dish that makes you feel satisfied, not stuffed.

irene sept 333

Vegan Butternut Squash Burrito

Blockheads takes special care of all its customers by offering a menu that is vegan and vegetarian friendly, and  health conscious. Gluten free items are also available.  Do not despair as there is plenty for the meat lovers in your group.  There are also bowls that blend Asian and Mexican themes which we did not try.

Blockheads is a reasonably priced fun place to dine with friends.  Great food with an emphasis on healthy dining options, in a fun atmosphere make this eatery one we will be returning to again.

Tacos (2)  start at $13.95  Quesadillas start at $10.95  Burritos start at $12.95

There is also Sunday Brunch !

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40 Mamaroneck Avenue  White Plains NY

tel. 914-288-8070

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