Ipic Theater:Luxury Meets the Silver Screen


Since the invention of film in the 1890s, movie theaters have been a popular entertainment destination since the early 20th century. Although movies have advanced, the theaters themselves have remained similar over the decades. iPic Theaters with a new location in Dobbs Ferry NY  has revolutionized the cinema experience and brought it into the 21st century.

frank june 743

Front desk

I walked into the entrance of a theater I noticed it  had a upscale hotel-like interior. Missing is the typical ticket booth and in its stead was a front desk that one would see in a hotel. We were escorted to our seats in the correct theater by the employee at the front desk. The inside had dimly lit lights, stylish furniture and trendy decor. While walking to my seats I passed iPic’s full service restaurant, City Perch Kitchen + Bar, run by the James Beard award winning chef Sherry Yard. Not only has she worked with Wolfgang Puck but her desserts have been a staple at the Academy Awards Governor’s Ball, the Grammy Awards and the Emmy Awards. I definitely want to try out this dining venue in the future!

I was shown to a section with two seats that were nestled inside curved walls. This pod-like seating provided comforted and privacy, yet the view of the screen was not compromised. This is a unique and intimate design.  The only other patrons you could see were the other guests.  You cannot see the other guests in your row to one side or in front of you.  It is almost as if you have your own private theater.  The seats are reclining leather seats that still had that new leather aroma as we settled in.  Between the seats is a small table for drinks and food that swivels to make access to your seat easier.  On the table is a call button to summon your waiter.

Waiter service is available during the movie for adult beverages as well as items from the menu including lobster roll, fish tacos, flatbread pizza, wraps, sliders and more!   The list was quite impressive.  There is also the cinema favorites as well.  There is beer and wine available as well. Ordering from the menu is of course optional.

frank june 735

Not your typical cinema snack bar

To provide maximum comfort pillows and blankets are provided for those in the premium section.  I felt like I was watching a film in a first class private theater.  A great experience and though you pay more than a conventional theater, the overall effect is worth the price.

If you love the movies and want the comfort and first class  service  then do yourself a favor and check out the Ipic Theater in Dobbs Ferry.

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Ipic Theater

1 Livingston Avenue   (right off the Saw Mill Parkway)

Dobbs Ferry New York         tel.914.348.7002

web: https://www.ipictheaters.com

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