Aesops Fable: Westchester welcomes a true farm to table restaurant

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Aesop’s Fables is a collection of oral stories and tales by Aesop, who lived in Ancient Greece around 600 B.C.   A new restaurant has opened in Chappaqua that is inspired by traditions of oral storytelling and has adopted that name.  Chef Matthew Cook wants his guests to come and gather around the  table and converse with each other and exchange stories while they enjoy their meal together.   The Chef who was raised in Vermont and trained in NYC, has developed a dining philosophy of using only  fresh, seasonal and locally sourced ingredients to craft his healthy and delicious menu.  The result is quite pleasing.

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The interior of the newly remodeled space at Aesop’s Fable has a traditional bar room with dark wooden bar, that leads off to the dining room.  The dining room is an eclectic design with a traditional farmhouse table and chairs in front of a fireplace mantle , then transitions into a more formal looking space with coffered ceiling, fine moldings, and dark wooden tables and chairs. An interesting contrast.  There is a new outdoor space with fire pit, wooded tables and market umbrellas which make for a cozy  spot to enjoy a glass of wine, a craft cocktail and some small plates.

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There is a nice list of craft cocktails to enjoy and we indulged ourselves with the Milan, a nice concoction of vodka, blood orange, lemoncello and prosecco.  A sweet way to start things off.

With their offerings changing with the seasons, we sampled some dishes from different parts of the menu.  From the Small Plates we enjoyed the Goat Cheese Croquettes, made with soft fresh goat cheese, herbed bread crumbs and pesto.  Soft and full of flavor.  We followed with the Milk and Honey Crostini comprised of house made fresh ricotta cheese, local honey, toasted walnut, sea salt, and garden fresh mint.  A real tasty combination of fresh flavors.

fw 076

Goat  Cheese Croquettes

From the “Aesop’s Market” (seasonal dishes using garden fresh ingredients)   we sampled  the Cauliflower, a wonderful dish of fire roasted cauliflower, parmesan, rosemary bread crumbs, capers and lemon.  It is amazing how ordinary cauliflower can be transformed into a delightful hearty dish by carefully roasting and blending with the right ingredients.   From the same section came Brussel Sprouts, which was again roasted and served au gratin with gruyere .  A very interesting dish and if you are not a fan of Brussel sprouts, this dish may convert you.


Wood fired pizza is a big menu item and we observed several tables sharing pies among themselves. We enjoyed the Aesop Pizza comprised of fresh tomato, backyard basil and house pulled mozzarella. The wood fired crust and fresh ingredients made for a nice light dish.  There are 9 different pizzas on the menu with the option (at cost) to have gluten free crust or even dairy free cheese.

fw 100

Aesop’s Pizza

Main Courses range from seafood to beef to poultry.  We enjoyed the only pasta dish  on the main course menu which was Summer Pasta, an enjoyable medley of organic Orecchiette pasta, local heirloom tomato, fresh picked basil, garlic, pinenuts, and parmesan.  We were glad we enjoyed this dish as we feel it at the heart of the Chef’s focus on bringing to the table dishes with local and fresh ingredients.


fw 104

Summer Pasta

Owners Tonin and Sose Veshta and Chef Matthew Cook have brought an interesting new restaurant to the Hudson Valley dining scene.  We look forward to the evolving menu as the seasons change.

So turn off the phone, and gather around the table at Aesop’s Table and enjoy good conversation and great fresh food.

Aesop’s Fable

13 King Street  Chappaqua NY

tel.  914.238.3858  


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