An Evening of One Acts 2017 at the Ridgefield Theater Barn


Now appearing at The Ridgefield Theater Barn  in Ridgefield Ct. is An Evening of One Acts 2017. The evening features 8 short one act plays that are written by local authors, and are acted and directed by talented local artists.  The plays are very funny and entertaining, and as always a great way to spend an evening.  An Evening of One Acts 2017 is a great showcase for the talent in our area and the evening  was a real success with much laughter and applause showered on the show on opening night.

Most of the plays are comedies and range from being witty to downright hilarious.  One of our favorites was The Computer Lesson  written by Myles Gansfried and directed by Kay Mayr which tells the touching and funny tale of Morey (Larry Greeley), his son Alan (Rick Haylon) and Sammy the computer tech (Roberto Perez).   Alan insists that his elderly father Morey who lives alone move to assisted living and give up his apartment, or learn to use a computer and the internet so he can  stay connected to the world.  Morey has no interest in computers at all but accepts his son’s ultimatum rather than move into assisted living.   When the computer arrives, Morey is more than flustered, and calls the computer Tech in India to walk him through the set up and his intro to computers.   Though they are separated by oceans, age and knowledge, the lonely Morey begins to bond with Sammy over the phone and a friendship ensues .  Each man finds that they are able to assist each other in some way, and Alan’s hope of opening his father’s world has come to fruition.  A heart felt, funny and wonderfully acted and directed performance.

Our other favorite was The Drive written by Tracy James,  direction by Nick Kaye with Eileen Fickes, Pamme Jones, and Nicole Veach.  This story involves three women who travel to Ireland. As they stuff themselves and their luggage into a very tiny rental car, they start out on their adventure on the narrow windy lanes of the Irish countryside.    They rely on the GPS provided by the rental agency to guide them to their destination.  The GPS (named Lucy) who speaks in a proper English accent announces each turn in the road.   However the comedy start when the distracted women miss a turn and the GPS comes to life and begins to correct the women, and eventually start insulting them in a dry but hilarious manner. The women start talking back and arguing with Lucy the GPS (voiced by Anna Frankl-Duval) but they are no match for her wit.  The  audience was laughing the entire performance.

The Evening of One Acts 2017 is filled with fun and fine moments like this and should not be missed.  The performances run through  July 15th 2017 with performances on Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm.  There is a Sunday Matinee on July 9th at 5pm.

Tickets are $25 each.   Doors open one hour prior and most guests bring dinner, snacks or drinks to enjoy prior to the performance.  Seating is cabaret style at tables.  So grab some friends, or a date and enjoy a fun evening of one act plays.

for tickets and info:

Ridgefield Theater Barn

37 Halpin Lane Ridgefield Ct

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