Lettice and Lovage: a brilliant British comedy at the Westport Country Playhouse


A hysterical comedy  is now in production at the Westport Country Playhouse in Westport Ct.  The play “Lettice and Lovage” is a witty British comedy that opened in Britain in 1987 and then on Broadway in 1990 where it was nominated for a Tony  and has been the recipient of much acclaim.

In the play we meet  Lettice Douffet who is a tour guide at a historic English manor run by the Historical Trust.   Lettice finds that the tourists who visit the site are bored as the home was never the scene of anything of real historic interest.  She embarks on embellishing the history of the manor with grand stories and details that are from her fertile imagination.      Her  boss at the trust Lotte Schoen gets wind of her historical inaccuracies and fires her.  After a change of heart Lotte visits Lettice at her flat where they enjoy an potent beverage called Lovage.  During this meeting the strict Lotte lets down her guard and reveals that under the dull trappings of a civil servant she is really a devoted lover of British culture and architecture that she feels is being destroyed by modern society.   An unusual friendship is formed  as they embrace Lettice’s creed of Enlarge, Enlighten, and Enliven!

lettice 2

The play is clever, funny and a real delight.  The actors are wonderful and the direction is fantastic as the audience learns about the Lettice and Lotte and how their unusual relationship has enriched both their lives.  Set design is particularly good with three separate sets used during the performance.

There are excellent performances from the entire cast with Kandis Chappell as Lettice , Mia Dillon as Lotte , Sarah Manton  as Ms Framer (last seen in “What the Butler Saw at the WCP) and Paxton Whitehead the veteran actor who played the part of Mr. Bardoff on Broadway.  Mr. Whitehead has a long and distinguished career of stage and screen performances.

The play was written by Sir Peter Shaffer who has  written such classics as Equus and Amadeus.  Direction is by Mark Lamos who has directed many plays at the Playhouse and is himself a Tony award winner.

The play runs through June 17th


For Tickets and information:   http://www.westportplayhouse.org

Westport Country Playhouse

25 Powers Court  Westport Ct     tel.   (888) 927-7529

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