Sun Raven: A center for wellness and a community organic farm in Bedford

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Sun Raven in Bedford NY is a healing and wellness center that is situated in a lovely setting that truly soothes the soul and mind.  This is a very special space for those seeking to experience, study and live a whole being vision of health and wellness.  Sun Raven is home to Slow Medicine, a holistic approach to living created and founded by Dr. Michael Finkelstein and Therapist Robin Queen Finkelstein.

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The philosophy of Slow Medicine is to look at life through a whole systems approach.  Understanding that everything is interconnected in life including food, the physical body, mental, community, life purpose, work, and our relationships with others, the natural world and the divine.

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Slow Medicine teaches one to relax and slow down by returning the body and mind to balance by learning about essential nutrients,connectivity to friends and spending thoughtful time in a tranquil pastoral setting that is Sun Raven.  The lovely grounds, gardens and animals such as horses, a llama and a peacock create this relaxes atmosphere.   There are interesting workshops available from farm-to-table meals featuring food grown at Sun Raven, special events, and a unique CSA (community supported agriculture)  vegetable program where you actively help maintain the vegetable crops.   Here the whole family can participate in coming together and grow their own organic food.  This is a fun an unique way to strengthen family ties and is part of the balance to the Slow Medicine approach, including food, community and connecting with others and the natural world.

Dr. Finkelstein and his wife Robin are present onsite to offer an array of services, programs, therapy and counseling.   The grounds are maintained by master gardener Xenia D’Ambrosi who educates and assists the garden and CSA members.  This special CSA is a hands-on farming experience and creates a wonderful sense of community while helping one in connecting back to the natural world.

Visit the Sun Raven website for additional information.

Sun Raven

Bedford NY      tel. 914-218-3113


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