Cotto: The flavor of Roma Italia in downtown Stamford

Cotto Stamford

If you are seeking classic and authentic Roman style cuisine, then a visit to Cotto in hip downtown Stamford Ct. is a must.   Designed as a tapas style wine bar with both small and communal style tables, this trendy eatery features an exposed brick wall, vaulted ceiling of wood, and a wall covered with vintage photos of the owner’s mother, Simonetta Simeoni  who was a actress and model in Italy in the 1960s.  The photos and the communal tables as well as the tapas theme strongly reinforce the tradition of eating together as a family.    There is a relaxed and comfortable vibe at Cotto.


There are 400 wines from which to choose and many are from Italy, and there is a selection of domestic and International varieties as well.  The master mixologist behind the bar at Cotto serves up some creative and interesting cocktails featuring fresh ingredients and the finest spirits.  You can ask for suggestions from the sommelier or the bartender for the correct pairing with your meal.  We sampled the Blackberry Crosta with cognac, Grand Marnier, blackberry in a orange garnished glass, and the Thyme of the Season a concoction of thyme infused gin, pear nutmeg compote and ginger beer.  Very creative and tasty.

The dining options for dinner are large and wide. There is traditional antipasto, and a mozzarella bar to start your meal.   Menu selections range from pizza, tapas, fantastic house made pasta,  fresh fish, salads, and of course meat selections including chicken, lamb, and beef.  There is something for everyone.  Below are some of the items we sampled. All were delicious.

irene march 072

Grilled Calamari in Piccata Oil and Balsamic Glaze

irene march 071

Arancini Four Cheese Rice Balls

If you are seeking an great food and wine in an authentic atmosphere that makes you feel you have escaped to a wine bar in a side street of Rome, then you must stop in and enjoy the wine and food at Cotto.   Ciao!


irene march 091

51 Bank Street  Stamford Ct.     tel.  (203) 914-1400


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