Rumors: a hysterical Neil Simon play at the Ridgefield Theater Barn

rumors 2

A very funny play “Rumors” written by Neil Simon is bring laughter to the Ridgefield Theater Barn in Ridgefield Ct.  Rumors is the only farce written by Neil  SImon whose credits include “Lost In Yonkers”,  “The Odd Couple”, “Goodbye Girl”, “Biloxi Blues” and more.  The audience on opening night was laughing throughout the two act play which runs approximately 2 hours.

The play is set in at a home in the New York City suburbs where a tenth wedding  anniversary party is to take place.  As the guests begin to arrive, they start to discover some odd things going on in the house.  The host has been shot in the head and is bleeding upstairs, his wife is missing and cannot be found and the help who should be preparing for the party are missing as well.  A real mystery.  Add to that a cover up of the shooting  by the guests. One of the guests who is running for State Senate, and he wants to avoid any scandal.  Throw the police into the mix, and you have the recipe of an evening of who done it meets over the top comedy.


The production features the direction of Scott Brill and the show producers are Pamme Jones and Paulette Layton.  The cast is wonderful and has great energy as you will see.  The cast of Jody Bayer (last seen at the Barn in Calendar Girls,  the hysterical Duane Lanham (also seen in Dirty Rotten Scoundrels and Wreck the Halls on the Barn stage), and the talented Deborah Burke, Kristin Gagliardim Rick Haylon, TIm Huebenthal, Leigh Katz ,Daniel Mulvilhill ,Matthieu Regney and Chhandra Som.


The Ridgefield Theater Barn is a fun venue.  It is small, only 70 seats and you sit at round or rectangular table and you can bring in your own food and wine to enjoy prior to the performance.  A great place to enjoy some local theater.

The best part:  tickets are only $24 and makes for a perfect date night.  The show is on Friday and Saturday nights at 8pm and Sundays at 2pm.    The show runs through March 25th.


Ridgefield Theater Barn 

37 Halpin Lane  Ridgefield Ct

for tickets:


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