The Orchid Show:Thailand opens at the New York Botanical Garden


The spectacular natural beauty and color of Orchids is being celebrated once more as the New York Botanical Garden hosts its 15th Annual orchid show.   The show runs February 18th to April 9th 2017



This year the show is entitled The Orchid Show: Thailand and is dedicated to the this region that is known for its great heritage of cultivating these amazing plants and is home to over 1200 orchid species. This year’s show will showcase thousands of orchids from Thailand and in a traditional Thai garden setting.  It is all set inside the beautiful Enid A. Haupt Conservatory.  (see slideshow)

The visitor will wander through the great glass conservatory past leafy palms, tropical plants and small ponds as they take in the fragrance and variety of beautiful colors of the orchids.  There are also Thai garden elements in the display including elephant topiaries,  sky lanterns, and Spirit Houses.   The exhibit is peaceful and enlightening as well.


Spirit House

The Orchid Show also has special events including Orchid Evenings, Film Screenings of  “Vanilla, the Sacred Orchid” (two days only) , Dance Performances  of Thai dance, expert guide tours (Tuesday -Friday) , and Orchid Care Demonstrations.


Thai Lanterns

On site is the gift shop where orchids, orchid books and related products can be purchased.  Dining is available on site at the Pine Tree Cafe or the Hudson Garden Grill.

For more information about the New York Botanical Garden, the Orchid Show and for tickets:

tickets and information:


New York Botanical Garden

2600 Southern Parkway   Bronx, New York

tickets by phone :  Tickets: 718.817.8716


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