Room 112: a hip new urban cocktail lounge comes to SoNo in Norwalk


Room 112 is the latest edition to the growing and vibrant nightlife scene on Washington Street in Norwalk.  This new SoNo lounge joins the cool landscape of SoNo’s restaurants, bars and art galleries.

Isaac Patrick Camoro is the owner and visionary  behind this new hot spot and he brings his 20 years of expertise in blending unique and exciting cocktails and is considered by many to be on the cutting edge of the cocktail craft.



The bar is a real hip urban space and there is a blend of styles.  The soft lighting, pool table, eclectic mix of soft couches, and faux fire place  give the atmosphere of underground lounge converging with a cool rock influenced decor including posters of Mick Jagger and Prince on the exposed brick walls.There is a swirling light show, a dj booth and a raised stage(more like a perch)  for live music.  The bar is interesting and custom made and is bathed in violet light which creates a special ambiance.

Downstairs is a separate party space with another bar, seating area, games and darts.  It can be rented out for special parties.

The mixologists and the cocktails are the star of the show with some fascinating concoctions which blend top liquors, aromatics, mixers and herbs.   The results are quite remarkable and visually interesting.    Some of our favorites were the Pinacita, the Havana and the Casa de Amor.  Check out their website for all the ingredients that go into their special cocktails.  They will even blend a cocktail of your own choosing if you cannot find one on the menu.


Small plates will be available through Room 112s partners Harbor Harvest.  If you are looking for a fun and unique place to hang with friends or a date and sip great cocktails, check out Room 112 in SoNo.


Room 112

112 Washington St  Norwalk ,Ct.   tel> 203.939.1347



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