The 39 Steps: an evening of intrigue and comedy at the Ridgefield Theater Barn



The Ridgefield Theater Barn current production is Alfred Hitchcock’s “The 39 Steps”.  This play is an adaption of the movie of the same title that was released in 1935 as a serious suspense film.  The story and characters have been adapted by Patrick Barlow into a zany two hour comedy which has the audience laughing all evening.

The story is set in Britain during the 1930s.  Richard Hannay (Bob Lussier) is a 37 year old English bachelor living a safe if not boring life in London.  One night he attends the theater where he meets an attractive woman who turns his ordinary life upside down.  The woman (Suzanne Powers) explains she  is a secret agent and that she has information about “The 39 Steps” which has implications about the national security of Britain.  She informs Richard she is being followed by enemy agents and he offers to help.   The woman is murdered and Richard is framed and he must leave his flat in London followed by the police and spies all the way to Scotland where he seeks to uncover the secret of the 39 Steps and clear his name.

While the movie was a serious affair, the play is a zany comedy with only 4 actors.  Two of the actors Matt Austin and Joe Harding have the task of playing numerous roles including spies, police, inn keepers, train passengers and more.  They are hilarious.  Ms. Powers has to play three different female roles and does so convincingly.  The sets are constantly changing from Richard’s flat, to the theater, train, Scottish countryside, and an inn, all by quick changes of the furniture and props on the stage (which movement is part of the action.)  It is no coincidence that as part of the comedy, several Hitchcock films are referenced including “Rear Window” and “North by Northwest” during the performance.

The cast also moves through the audience during the play and brings the comedy  up close.  A very fun evening with excellent direction by Katherine Ray and produced by Cheryl Ann Boyd.

Tickets for this fun  show are only $24.  A great deal.  The production runs through December 10th 2016, so don’t miss the fun.


Ridgefield Theater Barn

37 Halpin Lane Ridgefield Ct  

Tickets and information:

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