Frank Pepe: delicous award winning pizza

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In the mood for pizza, but not your local pizza place?  Then pizza lovers should head to Frank Pepe Pizzeria for their delicious coal fired pizza specialties.  The pizza is famous for its thin, crisp, lightly charred crust made from a special family recipe.   The original Frank Pepe Pizza opened in New Haven in 1926 and now has 8 locations all run by family members.  The locations in our area are Yonkers, New York , New Haven, and Danbury Ct.   The Danbury restaurant is run by Frank Pepe’s  Grandson, Gary Bimonte.  His passion for his product and home style traditional cooking will make you feel like you are part of the family.

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Frank Pepe has had the honor of being voted the best pizza in the State of Connecticut and was recognized as one of the top 10 pizza restaurants in the nation by the Huffington Post.

There are many pizzas to from which to choose.  The day we visited we sampled the Clam Pizza made from locally sourced calms which tasted light and fresh.     The spinach gorgonzola  cheese pie was unique and was a nice blend of ingredients with just the right blend of fresh toppings.  I am not usually a fan of gorgonzola cheese, but it was delicious on this pizza.

The original tomato pie is a real delight.  With crushed imported Italian tomatoes, olive oil and grated  cheese, this pizza is one of their most popular pies and is a house specialty.  The light crispy crust which comes about by its baking in the large coal fired oven give this a unique taste.  We also sampled the sausage pizza which was topped with fresh sausage made only for Frank Pepe.



From July  to September there is fresh tomato pie with tomatoes from local farms, fresh mozzarella, garlic and basil.  It sounds terrific and I can’t wait to try it.    If you looking for a family night out, join the Pepe family for some great traditional pizza recipes.

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Owner Gary Bimonte grandson of Frank Pepe


Frank Pepe

59 Federal Rd Danbury Ct


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