Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: an evening of laughs and music at the Ridgefield Theater Barn

dirty rotten 2


A hilarious musical play has landed at the Ridgefield Theater Barn in Ridgefield Ct.  Dirty Rotten Scoundrels is a musical that first premiered on Broadway in 2005 and ran for over 600 performances.  The play is based on the  1988 movie with the same name starring Michael Caine, Steve Martin and Glenn Headley.

This musical production comes to the Theater Barn and the audience on opening night  was treated to an evening of non stop laughs and great music provided by a talented  cast who really worked well together and fantastic  direction by Jocelyn Beard.

dirty rotten 3

The story opens on the Riviera where we meet  Lawrence Jameson, a highly polished con man  with fine taste and an English accent. His partner in crime, Andre Thibault is also the local police chief and feeds him information with regards to the rich women coming to vacation in  town.  Lawrence is skilled at meeting and romancing wealthy women and convincing them that he is a prince and needs to fund his army against a revolution in his country.  The women are more than happy to fund his plans.

Lawrence’s con is  going along great until he meets up with Freddy Benson (played by Steve Martin in the movie) who is a poor bumbling American con man looking to set up shop in the same town.  Lawrence is eager to run him out of his turf, but they form an unlikely  partnership when Lawrence cannot escape the clutches of one of the women who plans on marrying him.   Lawrence then helps Freddy polish up his act and refine his con with the promise that he leave town.  This plan is turned on its head when Christine Colgate (the American “Soap Queen”) comes to town.  While working their separate cons on her, both men fall for her and the story heads for one hysterical twist after another.

dirty rotten 1

The evening is filled with wonderful performances from Edmound Fitzpatrick of Actors Equity Assoc. as Lawrence Jameson.  He is very witty and his years of theatre and opera experience really shine.  Duane Latham as Freddy is really funny and brings physical comedy and great comedic timing to his role.  The rest of the cast of Paulette Layton (Muriel Eubanks), Anya Caravella (Christine Colgate-the Soap Queen),  David Fritsch (Andre Thibault)  and the rest  of the cast are very funny and performed  great together. The audience is also treated to 20 different songs that are woven throughout the musical.   The sold out opening night crowd was laughing the entire performance.

Note:there are some adult topics and language that may not be appropriate for minors.

The Ridgefield Theater Barn is an intimate theater experience and guests can bring their own food and drink to eat prior to the performance.   Seating is cabaret style with round or rectangular tables.

The play runs through July 2nd so don’t miss out !    Tickets are $26 for adults.

For more information and tickets:


 Ridgefield Theater Barn

37 Halpin Lane Ridgefield Ct.

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