Wine Geeks offers a class and tasting on Riesling. Just in time for Mother’s day

wine geeks

An interesting wine tasting event will be taking place Saturday, May 7th at Wine Geeks in Armonk.   The event will a wine class and tasting of  Riesling wine.  This could be a unique and interesting  Mother’s day gift!

If you are not familiar with Riesling wine, it is a white grape variety, which originated in the Rhine Region of Germany where it is very popular. The grape is very aromatic  and is used to make dry, semi-sweet and sweet varieties.  The wine is gaining in popularity world-wide and can be enjoyed on its own or paired with a number of dishes.   Today it is grown in many areas of the world including Germany, Alsace France, New York State, Washington State and many other regions.

During this class Sommelier Derek Todd (original wine director at Blue Hill at Stone Barns) will be your guide on a tasting tour of eight different Rieslings from all around the world, ranging from bone-dry to delectably sweet and all points in between.  And Wine Geeks will be serving an array of fine artisanal cheeses and charcuterie to demonstrate how to pair the wine.

Participants in Wine Geeks classes also enjoy a one-night-only 10% discount on wines throughout the store.

Some come out to Armonk for some fun, education and celebrate all things Riesling. Other events are coming to Wine Geeks in the near future.

When:  Saturday May 7    @ 7:00pm – 8:30pm

$35 per person

Where:  Wine Geeks

559 Main Street Armonk New York

 Reservations Needed:   914-273-9463

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