An Evening of One Acts- at the Ridgefield Theatre Barn

One acts


Are you looking for something to do on a cold winter weekend? The Ridgefield Theater Barn may have the answer for your winter blues. The Theater presents An Evening of One Acts 2016. Instead of one production, the evening is divided into 9 short one act plays each running 10 -15 minutes each. The acts cover a variety of topics, and are all original works are unpublished and being presented here. Each act has a different writer, cast and director which gives the evening a unique feel. Cheryl Boyd is the producer of the show which runs Friday and Saturday evenings January 22 to February 6th at 8pm. There is also a show on Sunday January 31st at 2pm.
The production is divided into two acts, with an intermission in between. Act One is comprised of 5 works that look at a variety of situations from different points of view. All of the works are full of humor which keeps the evening humming along. The evening starts out with That’s Amore about two women meeting at an acting audition only to discover they have more in common. Bent Wings is a hilarious piece featuring two brothers as they venture to Heaven, and discover perhaps a mistake was made in the selection process. Direction by Carol Mark is excellent and the actors are all very funny. All’s Fair in Love in Science (directed by Cheryl Ann Boyd) is a look at how parents are obsessed with their children’s success and in this act, a character right out of a mob film takes the parental competition to a new (and humorous level). Actors Anthony Baressi Jr. and Andrew Rose really make the scene work. The first act wraps up with Hark, The Cellos and Apples and Oranges.
Act Two includes four works, The Opening , which is about last minute cast changes at a community theatre production, The Rub, an interesting tale about two co workers and their concurrent dreams, Welcome to the Casket Club, and Bottled Up about the star of the Aladdin Show somehow gets trapped in a genie bottle with a very funny genie played by Kim Bova. My favorite of the second act was Welcome to the Casket Club, a witty piece written and directed by Jocelyn Beard and with very funny performances from Kimberly Marcus, Michael Wright and Julie-Ann Brand (who was hilarious).
The Ridgefield Theater Barn opens one hour before the show and you can bring your own food and beverage as all seats are at tables . Groups of friends or families can get a table together and enjoy a meal before the show. Tickets are $25 each and are available online. This show will not be there long as it only runs until February 6th.  Shake off the winter blues with an evening of fun in nearby Ridgefield.

Ridgefield Theater Barn
37 Halpin Lane Ridgefield Ct
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