East End: an amazing new restaurant comes to Greenwich



Greenwich Ct. has welcomed its newest restaurant to the area, and its opening seems to be a great success . Located in the heart of downtown Greenwich , East End has opened its doors right on Greenwich Avenue joining the busy dining scene.
The night we dined at East End it had only been open a few days and despite the fact it was a “soft opening”, the restaurant was full with every seat occupied, and diners milling around the bar waiting for a table. Even though the restaurant had just opened, the well trained and managed staff was running like a well tuned machine as orders flowed effortlessly from the kitchen to the tables.
The interior of the restaurant could be described as “Greenwich casual”. Upon entry is a modern design bar to one side and stepping past you enter into the dining room. The walls are adorned with large decorative framed mirrors on one side and a rural mural scene on the other. Wood floors, wood tables (no table cloths) and couches add to the ambiance of casual yet elegant. In sharp contrast is the lighting which is modern. The overall look is a fusion of industrial, modern, urban with Greenwich country overtones. It is quite pleasing.


We started our meal with some of the house special drinks from the menu. The Round Hill Road Martini made with Grey Goose vodka, sparkling brut, St Germain elder flower liqueur and fresh pear was strong, tasty and visually interesting. Another delicious drink was the Flamingo Kid, with Orange and cranberry, overproof rum, Malibu coconut rum and an orange wheel, which was fruity and strong. For those with a taste for bubbly, try the Flowers and Pain which is a blend of French pavan Orange blossom,Champagne and fresh pomegranate.


Round Hill Road Martini with Pear

With drinks on the table, we were ready for our first course. Our party of four ordered the bourbon glazed pork belly with popcorn grits which was cooked to perfection, the Steak tartare with waffle chips and red wine shallots which was excellent and a light way to start a meal.


Glazed Pork Belly with popcorn grits

Our tables first course also include a Poached Shrimp cocktail which was prepared with charred tomatillo, cilantro and lime. All seafood is fresh that day and it was delicious. Staying with the seafood theme we also enjoyed the Crispy Calamari which was prepared with curry, celery root and a harissa vinaigrette. It was crispy and not chewy, just the way I like it prepared.


Shrimp cocktail

Our main courses included Sea Scallops, expertly grilled with butternut, pomegranate and pistachio, Shrimp stuffed with crabmeat prepared with toasted garlic and lemon. Both dishes were excellent and so fresh.


Sea Scallops ala plancha

Our table also enjoyed Braised short rib with mustard greens which did not need a knife to cut and melted in your mouth. As well one of our party thoroughly enjoyed the Pork tomahawk chop with brussels sprouts and apple mustard. It was tender and cooked to perfection. There are 8 different side dishes from which to order and we sampled the black beans and rice, and macaroni with Tillamook cheddar cheese .


Beef Short ribs

Even though we were quite full we had to sample dessert. We enjoyed the Brooklyn Blackout cake with cherry and chocolate glaze. and the “adult” Root Beer Float which consists of ice cream, root beer alcohol and vanilla gelato. We also enjoyed the unique presentation of Carrot Cake in a ball of white chocolate, cream cheese frosting and pecans. Each dessert were quite delicious and the float was really unique, almost like having an after dinner cordial and dessert in one.


Carrot cake with white chocolate and pecans

East End is the newest restaurant in the Z Hospitality Group which also includes Mediterraneo (also on Greenwich Avenue and in White Plains) and Aurora in Rye as well as other restaurants. From our dining experience, East End is on its way to becoming the go to restaurant in nearby Greenwich Ct.


Click here to see East End website

East End

409 Greenwich Avenue Greenwich Ct

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