Casa Del Sol of Nyack: Fun, Fresh and Funky Mexican. It’s Excellente !


Casa Del Sol is a unique and whimsical place to have a fun and enjoy a delicious Mexican meal.  Upon first entering the restaurant,located on Main Street in Nyack N.Y., I imagined the restaurant to be somewhat small.  Instead the space is quite large with a courtyard with fountain just inside the main door, a bar room, a party room and the spacious main dining room.  As you walk through there are numerous details from the Moorish inspired arches to the stone fountain situated in the courtyard entrance.  The entire restaurant was decorated for Halloween with pumpkins, skeletons and more as can be seen in the photos.


As it was a warm sunny day, many patrons were taking advantage of the fair weather to dine outside on the sidewalk.  We chose to dine instead in the main dining room with its tile floor and its heavy wooden chairs and colorful decor.  The new owner Tom Lynch has made some improvements to the space which inject an element of fun into this space.

Dining room

Dining room

Our table began with several appetizers to share.  The grilled chicken nacho chips with black beans, guacamole and cheese was a great (and large) way to start our meal.  The waiter Steve suggested the shrimp cocktail served in a glass which was more like a Cerviche with shrimp, sliced fish, lime and spices.  Delicious!

Shrimp cocktail

Shrimp cocktail

We also tried the Mexican Lollipops which consisted of homemade chorizo, pineapple and bacon and served with baked spinach in the center of the dish.  We all loved it as it was so fresh.

Mexican Lollipops

Mexican Lollipops

For a main entree I ordered the Chicken Burrito with rice and black beans (the entrees come with a choice of two sides).  The burrito was stuffed with beans, cheese and huge pieces of seasoned grilled chicken. Another member of my party ordered a chicken quesadilla with plantain and brown rice as side dishes.  Yet another ordered a Beef Brisket Burrito with Mexican corn and seasoned fries.The brisket was soft and tender and was perfectly prepared. Brisket is not typically found on a Mexican menu but it shows how the chef is attempting to inject new ideas as well as fresh ingredients into the menu. I will be ordering this myself on my next visit

Brisket Burrito

Brisket Burrito


Grilled Chicken Burrito

For dessert we shared homemade churros with three dipping sauces, dark chocolate, caramel, and vanilla bean.DSCN1862

This was so fresh and spot on. We also shared burrito stuffed with banana and chocolate which just melted in your mouth. It was quite the hit at our table.
There is also a nice bar area in the front of the restaurant which was quite busy the day we visited. I ordered one of the specialty drinks before my meal, the Cadillac Margarita with Cuervo Gold tequila and Grand Marnier and was great. There is live music on Friday and Saturdays and Thursday is open jam night.

I am so happy I stumbled on this exciting and fun restaurant. Casa Del Sol is funky and unique and fits in perfectly in the hip scene that typifies this rivertown.
The service was wonderful as our waiter Steve was eager to make suggestions and explain each dish to us. The new owner Tom Lynch has offerd the customer a fun and exciting place with a menu full of great food, expertly prepared with only fresh ingredients. You need to try Casa Del Sol. It’s Excellente !!


Casa Del Sol

104 Main Street Nyack N.Y.  phone: 845-353-9846


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