Must see show, Calendar Girls at the Ridgefield Theater Barn

calendar girl
The Ridgefield Theater Barn is celebrating its 50th Anniversary of bringing community theater to the area. The Theater’s latest production is certainly noteworthy and one you should not miss. The production is called “Calendar Girls”. The play is based on the 2003 movie with the same name starring Helen Mirren.
The story is based on true events and is set in Yorkshire England and involves a group of British housewives who are all members of a charitable women’s institute. When Annie Clarke, one of the women loses her husband to leukemia, the other women in the group decide they must raise money for the leukemia unit of the local hospital. Chris Harper, a friend of Annie’s takes charge of the fundraising effort and convinces the women that they can raise the most money by creating a tasteful calendar for sale in which the women pose nude performing activities such as gardening, playing piano, and baking.

The play is both funny and touching as we see these women bond together in sisterhood for the greater good of raising money for the hospital. There are some wonderful performances by Mindy Goff (Annie Clarke), Jody Bayer (Chris), Beth Brandon (Cora), Charlotte Camillos (Jessie), Rosemary Howard (Celia),Keli Solomon (Ruth), Mary Shuldman (Marie) and the rest of the talented cast. The conclusion is both heart warming and profound and includes participation by the audience which further adds to the appeal of the production.


The theater is quite small and only seats 70 so you have a great seat for a each performance. Seating is cabaret style and is at tables (both round and rectangular) . On the evening performance, the doors open at 7pm and guests bring their own dinner and I observed groups of friends sitting together and dining before the show. Spend a great time with your friends and family at the theater.

Tickets $24
Friday and Saturday at 8pm through October 3
Sunday Matinee September 27th at 5pm
Additional performance : Thursday October 1 at 8pm

Ridgefield Theater Barn
37 Halpin Lane
Ridgefield CT 06877

For information, call 203.431.9850

One thought on “Must see show, Calendar Girls at the Ridgefield Theater Barn

  1. It has been an honor to be in this production and share the stage with these brave, warm, intelligent and talented women and men.These Calendar Girls will remain in my heart long after we leave the stage for good. Looking forward to an amazing closing weekend! “The last phase is the most Glorious!” Love, Beth Brandon


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