The Turk: Authentic Turkish cuisine comes to Mt. Kisco

turk 2
A recent entry to the lively restaurant scene in Mt. Kisco, NY is The Turk, located in the heart of downtown right on the corner of South Moger Ave. and Kirby Plaza. The Turk which opened in August 2015 is an eatery offering authentic Turkish cuisine with an emphasis on fresh ingredients and preparation. Among the offerings are kebabs, hummus and various grilled meats that are prepared with a variety of spices and herbs, and the overall effect is rich in flavor and not too spicy .
The entire restaurant has been renovated from top to bottom and has a touch of Turkish themed decor blended with modern finishes such as bamboo floors, stone walls, and Edison bulb lighting. There is a small corner of the restaurant called the Turkish Corner, IMG_1550

with two tables, benches, pillows and Turkish plates and pottery which is where we decided to sit.
The friendly waiter brought us a plate of soft and warm pita bread. With the bread was a small bowl filled with a blend of olive oil, red pepper, garlic and spices in which we dipped our pita bread. Very tasty starter to our meal. As it was a cold winter day we started our meal with a bowl of lentil soup which consisted of pureed red lentils, Turkish seasoning and fresh herbs. It was thick and had just enough spice to warm you up on a chilly day.


We shared a Mediterranean salad which had fresh lettuce, red cabbage, shredded carrots, tomatoes. and feta cheese and lightly dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. Another nice item to try is the Shepherd Salad- chopped tomatoes, cucumber, green peppers, onion and parsley in a vinaigrette dressing. It was quite the tasty dish. We also tried the Sigora Borkek (Cigar in Turkish) which is a pan fried filo pastry stuffed with feta cheese and parsley. It was quite enjoyable.

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Sigora Borek

For our entree we had a chicken kebab dish and a mixed grill kebab platter which had both lamb and chicken. This was served with rice and bulgur, and . healthy greens. With the dish was a dipping sauce made from yogurt and dill and it was a nice way to compliment the spices on the meat.

We ended the meal with some Turkish tea and some dessert. The Kazandibi was a crème Brule type dessert was light and creamy. We also sampled the Baklava pistachio which combined pistachio, walnuts and syrup in a filo pastry which created a delicious way to end the meal.

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Turkish cuisine is similar to other Mediterranean cuisines (such as Greek) with its emphasis on lean meats, fresh ingredients, lemon, olive oil and vegetables. The Turk is a great place to sample a variety of delicious authentic Turkish dishes right here in the Hudson Valley.

The Turk
20 South Moger Ave. Mt.Kisco, NY 914-864-1900
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Chinese dining like you remember (only better) at Imperial Wok

Many of us grew up going to a Chinese restaurant and they seemed to be everywhere. In the last 15 years or more there has been a culinary shift toward sushi, Asian Fusion, and other forms of Asian restaurants. And while take-out places still offer the classic Chinese-American favorites there are however those of us who still desire a sit down Chinese restaurant that serves the standards as well as some interesting newer dishes.
A recent visit to Imperial Wok in Somers, NY confirmed that this cuisine is still in demand. Imperial Wok offers all the traditional favorites as well as sushi, tempura, Teriyaki and house specials. Vegetarians are welcome as almost 20 veggie and tofu dishes are offered. The waitress explained that dishes can be modified to taste, amount or type of sauce, substitute different vegetables, spices or more . Every dish is made fresh and can be modified to order.

Frank 2015-16 822

Seafood Soup for two

Our party of four came for lunch and tried a number of delicious items on the menu. As it was a cold winter day, we started with soup. Wonton soup (a traditional favorite) was fresh, not salty and prepared with thin wrapped wontons that melted in your mouth unlike the thick chewy wontons often seen in wonton soup. We also ordered Seafood Tofu Soup for two which was hearty but light, and featured egg white, peas and seafood. A real winner.

Frank 2015-16 825

Steamed Vegetable Dumplings

We followed up our soup with Steamed Vegetable Dumplings a tasty dish for those looking to keep it light. Each steamed dumpling was filled with finely chopped veggies. Very healthy choice. We also sampled a new dish for us, a Chicken Vegetable Wrap. This plate involved the diner taking a leaf of lettuce, adding chicken cooked in a brown sauce with pine nuts and spooning it onto the lettuce leaf and then rolling it up like a wrap.

Frank 2015-16 823

Chicken Vegetable Wrap

The contrast of crispy lettuce with the chicken and pine nuts was quite satisfying. A hoisin sauce on the side was also provided.
We moved on to main dishes with an old favorite and some new (for us) dishes as well. Sesame Chicken which is a Chinese restaurant staple was crispy, perfectly cooked and delicious. Also ordered was the Korean BBQ Beef, which was wok sauteed, then served with fresh mushrooms on a hot sizzling plate.

Frank 2015-16 830

Korean BBQ Beef



A third dish, Mango Chicken was a real interesting and flavorful choice as the chicken was prepared with fresh sliced mango, pea pods and bell pepper. Lastly was Club Seafood a dish of mixed seafood (Lobster,shrimp,scallops,and shrimp) served with veggies in a white sauce. A seafood lovers delight.

Frank 2015-16 831

Mango Chicken


Frank 2015-16 834

Club Seafood

For Sushi lovers there is a sushi bar (which I understand will be expanded) and there are numerous rolls available including the standards and a long list of Special rolls.





If you are looking for  that traditional sit down Chinese restaurant with special dishes and an emphasis on fresh ingredients and preparation, you should visit Imperial Wok in Somers.

Frank 2015-16 804
Imperial Wok
13 Heritage Hills 202 Center Somers, NY


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I ON The Valley Is A Year Old!


Looking Back On Our First Year of Celebrating the Hudson Valley

This December marks one year since I On The Valley was created. Since then I On The Valley has published a multitude of reviews and covered numerous events in the Hudson Valley and surrounding areas.

The Hudson Valley is truly a wondrous place, there are a multitude of phenomenal towns, exquisite restaurants, and sensational events that happen in this dynamic area. We thank you all for following and reading our blog as we have grown throughout the year!  In the future we hope to discover and write more about the Hudson Valley. I ON The Valley strives to show how remarkable the Hudson Valley is and highlight our love of the area by continuing to write articles about the area.

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Rivermarket Bar and Kitchen: Farm to Table dining in a rustic chic setting


The rivertowns of Westchester County have been undergoing a revival in recent years and part of that renaissance is the exciting new restaurants opening in the villages lining the riverfront. It was my pleasure to dine at Rivermarket Bar and Kitchen in Tarrytown. Rivermarket Bar and Kitchen is located in the Hudson Harbor development between the Tarrytown rail station and the Hudson River, a beautiful parcel of land with sweeping views of the river. The restaurant is situated on the first floor of a building known as the Stonehouse, the building reminds one of a fine mountain lodge with its extensive use of stone and wood timbers. Upon entering the restaurant that natural feel is continued with extensive use of natural and reclaimed materials. Indeed much of the wood used in the flooring and bar was reclaimed from an old building in Albany. IMG_5761
The natural environment is part of the overall kitchen philosophy of the restaurant , which strongly believes in sourcing fresh ingredients from farmers who grow and raise their products in a natural, humane, and sustainable fashion. This is indeed the core of the farm to table movement which Rivermarket does so well. There is also a small market near the entrance which sells many New York State products from local farmers and producers. Rivermarket is a 2014 Best of Westchester winner for best new restaurant.

Market featuring local products

Market featuring local products

We came for lunch during Hudson Valley Restaurant week and our meal included three courses. We ordered for our first course the Puree of Butternut Squash which was prepared with a spiced local apple compote and creme fraiche which was rich and delicious. Perfect for a fall day. We also ordered the Gnocchi prepared with local grass fed beef and mushrooms. The taste was delightful.

Butternut Squash soup

Butternut Squash soup



Since the restaurant has a wood fired brick oven, we deviated from the menu to taste one of their fresh pizzas which came hot from the oven and was fantastic. It would make a great appetizer on its own or as a main course.

Wood fired brick oven pizza

Wood fired brick oven pizza

Our main courses were the Chicken Sandwich which was cooked with locally sourced chicken, bacon, avocado on a potato roll which was fresh and filling. It was served with fries. I opted for the Pan Roasted Salmon with wilted local spinach, french lentils in a beurre blanc . It was excellent. The presentation of the dishes as well as the service from our waitress was first rate.

Amazing selection of wine

Amazing selection of wine

Chicken Sandwich

Chicken Sandwich

Pan seared Salmon

Pan seared Salmon

We rounded out our meal with a Panna Cotta which was prepared as a special pumpkin mousse, white chocolate foam and pumpkin chips. A perfect dessert on a sunny late fall afternoon. We also shared a Chocolate mousse with a cocoa nib crumble, caramel gelee and milk sourbet. The presentation of the dish was as nice as the dessert itself.

Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse

There is also a nice bar in the restaurant with 12 beers and cider on tap, and another 25 or more available in bottles. The wine list is quite extensive with close to 150 selections of wine and sparkling wine available



Beers on Tap

Beers on Tap

Co-owner and manager, Glenn Vogt has done a wonderful job transforming this space into an inviting restaurant to dine. The message of fresh local and sustainable products even extends to their logo “Naturally Raised”.
If you are a fan of fresh locally produced ingredients, expertly prepared and served, then Rivermarket Bar and Kitchen must be on your list of restaurants to try.


Rivermarket Bar and Kitchen

127 West Main Street Tarrytown, New York   914-631-3100


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Dolphin Restaurant: Classic cuisine with an amazing waterfront setting


Dolphin Restaurant on the Hudson River waterfront is a restaurant I have been eager to try for some time. There is a cool hip vibe as you first arrive at the beautiful river front location of Dolphin in Yonkers. The parking valet is right out front and is waiting so there is no need to concern yourself with trying to find a parking spot.
If you are lucky enough to arrive at Dolphin in the daylight you will notice its spectacular spot, situated on the banks of the Hudson River with a view of the Palisades cliffs across the river.IMG_5672

Looking down river you can see the George Washington Bridge and the twinkling lights of Manhattan. It is quite a site and on warm days there are tables outside for diners to take in the million dollar view.

Dolphin is a family owned business and I learned that the father of the family originally owned a restaurant in Manhattan with the same name. I would categorize the food as traditional classic with an emphasis on seafood which is perfect considering its waterfront location. There are menu options including steak, chicken and pasta outside of the numerous seafood offerings. There is also a wonderful metro chic bar with fun and interesting drink choices .
This casual fine dining spot could not have been a better choice for a dinner out with friends on a lovely warm Autumn evening. We all admired the cool, fun atmosphere and the modern edge of the interior decor of Dolphin. The large round windows reminded me of being on a ship.
We began our meal with a round of appetizers. The large portion of baked clams were perfectly seasoned with garlic herbs and breadcrumbs.

Baked Clams

Baked Clams

We all enjoyed this tasty start to our meal. A wonderful and not to be missed dish is the Lobster Mac and Cheese with three cheeses, creamy lobster béchamel and large chunks of fresh lobster meat.

Lobster Mac and Cheese

Lobster Mac and Cheese

We also shared fried calamari served with a smoked tomato dipping sauce . We also shared the Fish Tacos which were fantastic with a topping of house cole slaw.

Fish Tacos

Fish Tacos

For my entree I ordered the Shrimp stuffed Crab. The dish was so tasty with lump crab and shrimp oven baked over saffron rice . I really loved this dish. I also enjoyed a side of roasted root vegetables which complemented my main dish.

Shrimp Stuffed Crab

Shrimp Stuffed Crab

Another dish enjoyed at our table was the paella with mussels, clams and jumbo shrimp, chorizo, saffron rice, peas and olives in a tomato comfit.

Paella with Mussels

Paella with Mussels

I was told this was an amazing entree. My other friend picked the Argentinean skirt steak with fries served in a chimachurra pesto sauce. The last entree at our table was Shrimp with grits. The Shrimp as sautéed in a spicy Louisiana entoufee sauce with creamy parmesean grits. This was a unique dish that combined classic ingredients to create a wonderful taste.

After this filling and wonderful meal we saved a little room for dessert. A sweet bourbon bread pudding and pumpkin cheesecake were ordered and both were fresh and made for an excellent conclusion to our meal.

Pumpkin cheesecake

Pumpkin cheesecake

I found Dolphin to be a great place to dine with classic dishes, great service and located on a fantastic spot overlooking the Hudson River and the Palisades. Please do your self a favor and put Dolphin on your list of restaurants to try.


Dolphin Restaurant

1 Van Der Donck St  Yonkers NY

914-751-8270   website:

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