Hot off the press! Newsies the Musical is now at the Westchester Broadway Theatre

CastNewsies (2080x1664)

The Tony Award winning Broadway show, Newsies The Musical is now on stage at the Westchester Broadway Theatre.  The show which ran on Broadway for over 2 years before going out on tour has now come to our WBT in this first rate production.

Newsies is based on a 1992 film of the same name.  The story recalls the actual events of a newsboys strike in New York City in 1899.  Many of the newsboys hawking papers on the streets were orphans, homeless or just from very poor families.  They were out working hard for every penny.   As newspapers were the prime source of news during this period, the competition was fierce among papers.  Selling papers meant attention grabbing headlines. With a lull in news stories, two rival papers decide to raise the prices they charge the newsies in order to make up for the lack of paper sales.

The newsies (both boys and girls) decide the rich newspaper owners like Joseph Pulitzer and William Randolph Hearst should not be lining their pockets off the labor of the poor newsies.  Inspired by the growing labor movement, the young newsies decide to strike against the papers.  This David versus Goliath struggle of the young and poor versus the rich and powerful is timeless and relevant today.

SeizeTheDayNewsies (2080x1664)

Newsies is written and presented in the classic format of the Broadway musical.  There are close to 20 different songs that and the performance is dance heavy with the large cast providing wonderful and carefully crafted choreography.  Though the songs were not familiar to my ears, they are pleasant and catchy as a good musical score should.  Lyrics are by Jack Feldman and score by Alan Menken. Menken is a multi award winner and has written the music for Little Shop of Horrors, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Sister Act and A Bronx Tale the Musical.  The book is by award winning writer Harvey Fierstein.

Daniel Scott Walton is the lead actor  playing Jack Kelly the leader of the newsies rebellion.  Kelly is a fictional character based on some of the strike leaders and Mr. Walton performance was a crowd pleaser.  Stuart Marland as Pulitzer gives an excellent performance of the famous newspaper publisher.  He played the role of Pulitzer on Broadway.

QuartetNewsies (1663x2080)

Mary Beth Donahoe is the main female lead as the fictional character of Katherine Plumber  (Pulitzer) and her performance lights up the stage as her educated, well groomed character is the perfect counter to the street wise and rough edged, Jack Kelly.   A special mention goes out to Benjamin Wohl the youngest member of the cast who plays Les the young brother of Davey whose father was injured and cannot work and must sell papers to help his family.  This very young actor really charmed the full house.

If you have not seen Newsies on Broadway, this is your chance to see a Broadway quality show right here in Westchester .  A talented cast of 24 actors fills the stage at WBT with song and complex dance number.  Credit to Shea Sullivan for the choreography and Mark Martino for his direction of this large cast.

This is a show that captures the human spirit of the downtrodden and the disadvantaged rising up as one and seeking justice.  It is a story that was relevant in 1899 as it is today.

For tickets and information:  (dinner is served prior to the show and is included in your ticket price)

Westchester Broadway Theater

One Broadway Plaza  Elmsford New York        tel. (914) 592-2222. 

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Tony Award winning play “Proof” now on stage in Armonk through April 13th


Girl with warm quiet smile and strand of hair falling against dark background.

We are so fortunate to live in an area where  we have the opportunity to witness great theater.  The Hudson Stage Company produces first rate plays such as the current production of Proof.  The play written by David Auburn is the winner of a Pulitzer Prize, Drama Desk Award, and three Tony awards back in 2001 when it ran on Broadway.  The Hudson Stage has produced a drama that had the audience riveted the entire evening.


Proof involves the main character, Catherine the daughter of Robert, a recently deceased math genius in his fifties and professor at a university. In his youth Robert  had several break through math discoveries that stunned the academic world. But as he aged, he never reached the pinnacles of his youth and began to struggle with mental illness.   Catherine is 25 years old when the play begins and we learn of her sacrifice of giving up college in order to be a caretaker for her mentally ill father.

proof 1

Jenna Krasowski (Catherine) and John Wojda (Robert)   Photo credit: Rana Faure


Catherine struggles with her own decisions of not pursuing her college career and the constant worry that while she has inherited her father’s math genius, did she inherit her his mental illness as well?  It is a fear that haunts her.

The entire play takes place in the back yard and porch of Catherine and her father’s house in Chicago.  After his passing,  we meet Hal, Robert’s ex-grad student who is interested in reviewing his archive of notebooks to see if there is some undiscovered mathematical proof. Hal tells Catherine that most people do their most creative work by age 24 while he is already age 28 and feels his best years are gone.  Was Robert the exception and could still produce ground breaking math proofs well into his 50s?

Catherine’s sister, Claire arrives from New York for her father’s funeral and to settle the estate. Claire is the opposite of Catherine, and has not inherited her father’s math genius nor his mental illness.  She is there to wrap up the estate and to coerce Catherine to move to New York where she can look after her.   In the meantime Catherine gives Hal access to one notebook which he has not reviewed.  Here he finds a mathematical proof that is ground breaking and wishes to see it published.  Doubt is cast about who is the true author of the proof.  Was it Robert or his daughter Catherine?    The second act becomes a struggle for Catherine as she tries to hold on to the world she knows. As well the mystery of the proof itself becomes apparent.  She also dreads that she has indeed followed in her father’s footsteps on the dark road to  genius and  mental illness.

proof 2

Jenna Krasowski, Cadden Jones and Jayson Speters  Photo credit: Rana Faure

The play interestingly uses the metaphor of cold.  There are references to cold winters, a cold (or too hot) house,  and snow.  It makes the audience member wonder is the playwright alluding to the coldness of death, or to the cold calculations of math proofs or perhaps to both.

A very interesting and thought provoking drama that should be seen.   Jenna Krasowski plays the challenging role of  Catherine and is brilliant in bringing out the internal crisis of the character.  The audience can really feel the heartache of her struggles.  Jenna has appeared in other stage plays as well as short film.

proof 3

Jayson Speters and Jenna Krasowski    Photo credit: Rana Faure

John Wojda as Robert her father gives a deep and warm performance that gives great insight into the character.  He was so effective it was perfectly believable he was on stage actually writing down math formulas. His slips from madness to clarity kept the audience riveted to his every word and gesture.  Mr. Wojda’s credits include Broadway (The Nap), numerous off Broadway credits and appearances on television including “Manifest”,  “Law and Order”, “Blue Bloods” and more.

Jayson Speters plays Hal, the ex grad student who is searches for Robert’s final proof and who was the real author.  Will his search for the proof destroy his relationship with Catherine? He gives a fine performance as the nerdy math grad student, and possible love interest to Catherine.  Cadden Jones plays Claire and her performance adds tension between Claire and Catherine.  She has numerous credits to her resume including television: “Billions”, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and “Mr. Robot”.

The play is directed by Dan Foster who has brought to the stage a thought provoking drama filled with fine performances. He coaxes the best from his actors who really engage the audience.   The theater is small and intimate and the perfect venue for a drama.  Effective sound, lighting and set design really combine to create the feeling you are in the back yard with the characters

Proof runs through April 13th 2019.  Please support local theater!

Hudson Stage Company

at:  Whippoorwill Theatre-North Castle Public Library

Kent Place, Armonk, NY

for more information:

for tickets :

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Clairvoyant Anna Raimondi will host a special evening of spiritual readings on April 11th in Greenwich



A very interesting and special evening is coming to our area on Thursday April  11th.   Clairvoyant medium and healer Anna Raimondi will host a very special evening of spiritual group reading at the Bow Tie Cinema in Greenwich, Ct.  Ms Raimondi is known as a very gifted medium, healer and author of several books.  During the evening Anna will connect audience members to their loved ones on the “other side” with messages of guidance and with love.

Her mission is to give others the tools they need to live their lives in joy, while following their souls’ mission. Anna, through her gift of intuition, provides wisdom and healing from heaven as she provides others with insight, guidance and direction. . Her path has led her to teach, facilitate seminars and retreats, and work with clients to provide profound insight and healing.

She traces her clairvoyant powers back to her childhood   where she blessed with the gift of clairvoyance and ability to hear the voice of Mother Mary. She states she has devotedly prayed with her and listened to her advice, as she offers me guidance, solace, love, and wisdom. Mary communicates with her so that she can share her messages with other people, no matter what faith,  and she wants everyone to know they have a refuge in her and God.

Anna holds a BA in Clinical Psychology, and an MBA .  She is a certified Hypnotherapist, Grief Counselor, Spiritual Healer and author of Conversations with Mary: Messages of Love, Healing and Hope for  Everyone  (Atria Books, 2017), Talking to the Dead in Suburbia: An Ordinary Woman with an Extraordinary  Gift, and One with the Drum-A Journey to the Soul.

Anna has appeared on numerous radio and television shows, and is a regular guest on  The Dr. Oz Show for various segments pertaining to spirituality and the afterlife.  She is in the process of beginning her own podcast and is in conversations for her own television show.  This looks to be a very intriguing event you will not want to miss.

When >>Thursday, April 11th,  7-9 pm

Bow Tie Cinemas  2 Railroad Avenue Greenwich, CT 06830 

(Right off I-95 at Exit 3), steps from the Greenwich RR Station.

$55 Early Bird

$85 Meet and Greet (includes a personal introduction to Anna after the show)

For tickets, visit

For more information about Anna, please visit her website:

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Cabaret: the Tony award winner is a must see at the Music Theatre of Connecticut

cab banner

Cabaret the multi award winning musical is now on stage at MTC, the Music Theatre of Connecticut in Norwalk.  MTC has produced another fine show that premiered this past weekend  and runs through Sunday April 14.  Like all the shows we have enjoyed at this local theater, this production is first rate and should not be missed.

Cabaret is a 1966 musical with music by John Kander, lyrics by Fred Ebb, and book by Joe Masteroff, and  was adapted from the short novel Goodbye to Berlin by Christopher Isherwood.  The setting is Berlin in 1931.  The city of Berlin in the period between World War 1 and the rise of the Nazis was the center of the arts and culture of Weimar Germany.   The play is set at the seedy Kit Kat Klub and at a rooming house.  We are introduced to Cliff Bradshaw (Nicholas Dromard) an American writer who is traveling to Berlin in hopes the artistic atmosphere will kick start his novel.  He meets on the train to Germany a mysterious man, Ernst Ludwig (Andrew Foote) who befriends him and finds him cheap lodging at a Berlin boarding house.  Here we are introduced to woman who owns the building, Fraulein Schneider ( Anne Kanengeiser) and fellow boarder, a Jewish fruit merchant named  Herr Shultz (Jim Schilling).   Ernst takes Andrew out on the town to the Kit Kat Club.  Here we meet the iconic character The Emcee (Eric Scott Kincaid) and the entertainers including Fraulein Kost (Hillary Ekwall) and  Sally Bowles (Desiree Davar).  Sally is much like Cliff as she has come to Berlin to revel in its artistic and sexual freedoms.

Soon an unlikely romance develops between Cliff and Sally.  As a subplot we also see a romance blossom between the spinster Fraulein Schneider and Herr Schultz, even at their advanced age.  It seems that the feeling is anything is possible in post World War I Berlin.  But the idealism of the age is interrupted by a underlying current which upends the worlds of our characters.  Ernst is exposed as a Nazi and we see the rise to power of the Nazi party which threatens the very nature of German society.  Fraulein Schneider realizes that to survive in a Nazi ruled Berlin she cannot marry a Jewish man and must break off her engagement.  The gay men at the Kit Kat Klub are even the targets of the hate and intolerance of the new order.  Cliff decides the reasons for coming to Berlin are quickly vanishing and he decides to return to America with Sally.  But Sally does not flee with him stays behind. She keeps on singing at the cabaret in denial of the drastic change  on the horizon.  Even Herr Schultz feels that even though a new order is coming to Germany, not much will change.  He too is in a state of tragic denial. A poignant tale that is relevant in today’s environment of how a nation of freedom loving people can have their country slowly turned into a  dark and intolerant culture.

cab sally

Desiree Davar as Sally Bowles

The songs of Cabaret lighten the heavy and important message of the play as they tie together all the scenes of this musical.   Many of the memorable numbers are present and wonderfully executed including “Wilkommen”, “So What”, “Tomorrow Belongs to Me” and of course “Cabaret” .


The MTC theater is a small black box style theater with the audience sitting on three sides (only 4 rows each side) which creates an intimate an up close theater experience.  The stage is small and the designers must use their artistic skills to carve out the separate scene spaces. They do so very effectively.  Due to the size the cast is smaller than might be in a larger theater but Director Kevin Connors skillfully uses the talented cast to fill the theater with drama and song.  He masterfully reminds the audience of the joys of the cabaret where we can forget our troubles, but we must be vigilant as freedom of artistic expression can be fleeting in the face of oppressive forces.  The full house on opening night approved of the great performance. The cast  is wonderful and Ms Davar as Sally Bowles wowed the audience with her fine vocal talents.

A fantastic production of a relevant and timely play that should be seen.

Tickets and information:

Music Theatre Of Connecticut

509 Westport Ave  Route 1

Norwalk Ct

web >>>>>

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Kitchen 273: New American cuisine comes to Armonk


Kitchen 273 Restaurant and Bar is a recent addition to the dining scene in Armonk. The newly remodeled space is warm and inviting with warm tones from the wood ship lap walls, exposed brick, wood floors, and the white cloth covered tables.    This comfortable dining space can be described as ‘modern farmhouse’ as the design makes the guest feel instantly at home.

The menu is New American with Italian influences as seen in the variety of flatbread pizzas, seafood and pasta dishes.  The food is all fresh and all sauces are made in house to ensure they are filled with flavor.

The cocktail menu is first rate, and we really loved the Blood Orange Cosmo , a fine concoction of Ketel One botanical vodka, blood orange liquor, grapefruit juice, lime juice, and cranberry juice.


Blood Orange Cosmo

The dinner menu offers something for everyone with plenty of appetizers available either to share or enjoy alone.   The Eggplant Stack ($12) was shared and it features crispy breaded eggplant slices stacked with tomato and fresh mozzarella.

The Shrimp Dumplings a la Plancha ($15) was an interesting variation of the Asian classic  with dumplings that were lightly grilled on the stove and served with  a sweet chili dipping sauce.  We were happy with the preparation and presentation.


Shrimp Dumplings a la Plancha

A real favorite was the Sesame Crusted Tuna, ($16).  Fresh rare tuna with a coating of lightly toasted sesame seeds and served with sriracha, wasabi mayo, ginger, and teriyaki sauce.  I could eat this as an app or would make a great main dish as well.  A very nice presentation by the chef.


Sesame Crusted Tuna

There are six flatbread pizzas on the menu and we sampled the Margherita ($13), the classic pie with fresh mozzerella, house made tomato sauce and fresh basil leaves.  A nice dish to share at your table, or a perfect size for one.   The menu also offers seven different salads ($9-$12) for the healthy eater or vegetarian in your party.


Flatbread Pizza

There are no lack of main dishes to choose from with a wide selection of burgers and six different pasta dishes as well as meat and seafood offerings.  Among the dishes we chose was the classic  Chicken Parmigiano($20).  This Italian restaurant staple was served with pasta.


Chicken Parm

The Shrimp and Polenta($22) was an interesting dish, with sauteed shrimp served over house made polenta with chorizo and San Marzano tomatoes.  The San Marzano tomatoes were really a sauce which overwhelmed the dish.  If ordering this dish in the future I would skip the sauce (or have it on the side) and enjoy the shrimp with the polenta on its own so those flavors would be allowed to stand out.

The Jumbo Sea Scallops($28) were delightful.  A filling portion of lightly sauteed fresh scallops were served over a bed of butternut squash risotto, shaved parmigiana cheese, and drizzled with a  balsamic glaze. This dish is an example of a blend of New American cuisine with traditional Italian influences.  Highly recommended


Jumbo Sea Scallops over butternut squash risotto

Pastas and pizzas can be ordered gluten free.

Kitchen 273 Restaurant and Bar is an excellent addition to the list of  restaurants in Westchester.  If you are looking for some place new with a wide variety of menu items, then this eatery should be on your short list.

Kitchen 273 Restaurant and Bar

111 Bedford Road Armonk New York

tel.  914.273.7909


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Clive Davis: a special screening event of “Soundtrack of Our Lives” at the Bedford Playhouse

clive janis

Clive Davis and Janis Joplin


On March 21, 2019, the Bedford Playhouse was host to a very special evening.  The theater screened the documentary, “Clive Davis, The Soundtrack of our Lives” about the legendary music executive and Bedford resident, Clive Davis.

Attendees to the event were in for a unique event as the cafe of the Playhouse hosted a pre-screening party for the guests.  In attendance was none other than Clive Davis himself and well as singer/songwriter Rob Thomas. Mr. Thomas is well known as an accomplished musician and the front man of the band Matchbox Twenty.  He also wrote the hit song “Smooth” which he recorded with Carlos Santana.



Prior to the screening guests mingled in main floor cafe space enjoying cocktails from the Playhouse bar, tasting appetizers and listening to sounds of a pianist playing on the baby grand piano.  Attendees also had great photo opportunities and a chance to meet Clive Davis and Rob Thomas.

Mr. Davis has enjoyed a decades long career as one of the most famous executives in the music industry.  Starting in the 1960s at Columbia Records and later at Arista Records.  He has signed such famous recording acts such as Bruce Springsteen, Janis Joplin, Santana, Chicago, Billy Joel, Blood Sweat and Tears, Earth Wind and Fire and Aerosmith.  Later he would bring to his label such acts as Whitney Houston and Alicia Keys. This is just a partial list.


The two hour documentary directed by Chris Perkle spans his five decade long career in the recording industry and his tremendous influence on modern popular music.  As well Davis is a multi Grammy award winner and was inducted into Rock and Roll Hall in Fame in 2000 in the non-performers category.  The film is a fascinating look at the rich career of a icon in the music business.  Bedford resident and musician, Rob Thomas joined Davis on stage following the screening for a Q & A session. The audience was treated to interesting stories and insights into this fascinating man.

clive davis event-John-Farr-Rob-Thomas-Irene-Wallace-Clive-Davis-Nicole-Gardner

John Farr (Playhouse Founder), Rob Thomas, Irene Young Wallace (I On the Valley), Clive Davis, Nicole Gardner (Executive Director)

This was certainly an exciting evening for those who attended.  The Bedford Playhouse is more than just a movie theater, it is a mecca for film, music, the arts and important and unique cultural events such as this.  Make sure you follow us and the Playhouse for  upcoming movies, events and music.  See you at the Bedford Playhouse!.

Bedford Playhouse

633 Old Post Road Bedford, New York

tel. 914.234.6704      web for info and tickets >>

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Savor Local: a fun new food event comes to Norwalk on Sunday March 24th

savor local 2

A fun food event is coming on March 24th.  From TownVibe, the company who brought you Taste of Fairfield and WinterFest, comes a brand-new food-lovers festival celebrating even more local restaurants and businesses,  in  a day of tastings and entertainment at the newly renovated Lakota Oaks, 32 Weed Avenue in Norwalk. The event takes place Sunday, March 24 from 1 PM to 4 PM, with a special VIP Experience Preview entry ticket from noon to 1 PM. Tickets can be purchased at

TownVibe has joined forces with Norwalk Now (, a collaborative marketing group comprised of Norwalk’s urban core businesses who, like TownVibe with its stable of six magazines and several culinary events, believe that great things happen when people work together. “Norwalk Now is excited to bring our neighborhood of restaurants to Savor Local,” says Norwalk Now Director Linda Kavanagh. “Here, you will be able to experience Norwalk’s vibrant dining scene, from quintessential New England fare and locally sourced seafood, to low-country cuisine, prime steaks, Italian favorites, Mexican eats, and high-spirited drinking wells.”

Over 25 restaurants and businesses will bring their tastes and sips to share with the Savor Local guests that day. A complete list of participants and sponsors is available at In addition to the great food and drink, there will be a DJ and live entertainment by Lakeside Productions, a 95.9 Fox crew, comedians from the Fairfield Comedy Club, a kids’ craft area, and pop-up shops featuring Connecticut-based entrepreneurs.

savor local 1

The event benefits Family & Children’s Agency of Norwalk ( through a “Chances to Win” table with terrific prizes including fine jewelry, hotel stays, and spa visits, and a donate link when tickets are purchased at

We have been to other Town Vibe and Norwalk Now events and can report that they are fun and a great way to learn about great places to dine.  We are excited to take part in this brand new event and hope to see you there.

Savor Local   presented by Town Vibe

for tickets:

TownVibe is the leading publisher of six award-winning high-quality lifestyle magazines and digital products for the nation’s most sophisticated, savvy, and sensible readers. The magazines, the website, and multiple social media platforms are cherished by 245,000 regular readers

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Harlan Publick: a SoNo favorite is great for brunch too


Harlan Publick is well known as a mainstay in the dynamic dining and nightlife scene in SoNo (South Norwalk Ct.).  We were pleased to discover that Harlan also serves brunch on Sunday and we more than happy to sample some of their offerings.

Harlan Publick is tucked away in a little cul-de-sac right off Washington Street in vibrant SoNo .  It is steps away from the Norwalk Maritime Aquarium.  The restaurant and bar is a fine spot for brunch as we discovered on a late winter afternoon.  The large wall of windows fills the space with warm sunlight.  The decor is a mix of modern elements mixed with traditional materials such as shiplap wood siding and wooden tables.  The menu too mixes traditional dishes with more modern offerings.

We shared a  Bread Basket ($10) which was a fine selection of fresh baked cornbread,  monkey bread, croissant , and biscuits.  A nice and homey way to start the meal.

IMG_1714 (2)

Bread Basket

House Smoked Salmon($13) , a traditional brunch offering was delicious and was served with garnish and toasted challah points.


House Smoked Salmon

The Local Burrata ($14)  was a ball of soft fresh burrata cheese served over a bed of arugula, prosciutto, tomato fondue,  and drizzled with a delicious aged balsamic. A fine dish to enjoy alone or share.


Local Buratta

For the vegetarian in your party, or healthy eater, the Beet, Arugula and Goat Cheese Salad ($14) is a light refreshing choice and something you may not expect at lunch.  This tasty dish is prepared with Asian Pear, almonds and sherry vinaigrette.  For more taste, you may add chicken, shrimp or salmon.

Looking for something more hearty, try the Southern staple, Country Fried Chicken and Waffle ($17) which includes several pieces of fried chicken drenched in a smoked maple syrup glaze and served on a waffle.


Country Fried Chicken and Waffle

The Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes was another hearty dish and served with celery  root, apple slaw, chips and a spicy Cajun remoulade.  A very satisfying selection and not one we usually see at brunch.    For the mainstream diner, have no fear, as French Toast, omelettes, and steak and eggs also grace the menu.



What would Sunday Brunch be without cocktails and Mimosas, Bellinis, and the Harlan Bloody Mary are also available either by the glass or as part of a bottomless brunch (add $18 per diner).  There is an extensive wine list as well as several local craft brews on tap.

If you are looking for a new brunch experience, head out to SoNo in Norwalk and enjoy a fun meal at Harlan Publick.    We hope to return soon as the warm weather will also mean Harlan we reopen their  outdoor space.

Harlan Publick

127 Washington Street Norwalk, Ct


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Joe & Joe Nyack: traditional Italian menu with a modern twist


The original Joe & Joe in the Bronx

There are so many exciting restaurants in our area and new eateries joining the dining scene each month.  Joe & Joe Nyack is a new dining destination that has deep family roots.  The original Joe and Joe was a mainstay on Castle Hill Avenue in the Bronx from its opening in 1940.  The menu of Italian kitchen favorites  and family tradition continued with the opening of Joe and Joe Pearl River 18 years ago.  Now brothers, Anthony and Joe Longobardo have opened a restaurant which blends the traditional favorites with more modern dishes you would not expect.

The eatery is modern and airy with several distinct spaces.  There is the elegant bar and the brick pizza oven,  the large main dining room, another dining room which can handle overflow or a private party, as well as a outdoor dining space.  Wall art features a wonderful blend of family photos dating back decades as well as a large modern art painting of a woman enjoying a slice of pizza.

Snapseed (11)

A touch of modern art at Joe & Joe

Some of the food we sampled from the menu was Hollander Mussels from Maine served in a red tomato sauce.  These had to be some of the plumpest and tastiest mussels we have ever sampled.


Hollander Mussels

Classic Burrata Caprese  was infused with fresh and a light twist.  The orange caprese was served with sun kissed blueberries, raw honey, sweet pistachio, baby arugula, orange, and fresh basil and mint.  A wonderful dish to have as a starter.


Burrata Caprese

Another interesting dish and certainly something we did not expect was the Feisty Fritto Shrimp which includes nicely grilled shrimp in a housemade spicy hot sauce.  A really nice and unique appetizer.

The “Impossible Meatballs” Parmagiana is a modern take on the Italian kitchen classic.  These meatless meatballs taste just like real meat, and are topped with fresh marinara sauce, mozzarella, pecorino, and fresh basil.  A fantastic dish for anyone in your party and perfect for vegetarians.  It can be served with a side of spaghetti squash or penne.


Impossible Meatballs

The pizza oven on site offers a number of favorites but we opted to try something new.  Gluten-Free, Low Carb Cauliflower Crust Pizza was fantastic and is topped with shredded baby spinanch, heirloom tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil, evoo and chili flakes.  It was topped with an edible flower and made for a beautiful presentation. This non traditional pizza was delicious as it was healthy and low carb.

IMG_6006 (2)

Joe & Joe’s “Famous” Shrimp a la Anthony is a house favorite.   This dish features stuffed jumbo shrimp. prosciutto di parma, fresh mozzarella, fresh seasonal veggies, Joe& Joe crispy croquettes in a white wine sauce.  One bite of this dish and we understood why it is such a standout on the menu.


Lasagna, “Famous” Shrimp a la Anthony,  Fresh Market Special and more

Joe & Joe Nyack  has brought to our area a menu that is a fantastic fusion of Italian favorites, along with some very innovative and modern dishes.  The inclusion of gluten free and vegetarian options is a great way of allowing all guests to come and enjoy the warm family atmosphere of this fine new restaurant. History and tradition are important. When you take those values and blend new culinary ideas, you have the makings of a very special dining experience.


Rich in family history, Joe & Joe celebrates its roots


 Joe & Joe Nyack

173 Main Street Nyack NY     tel. 845-535-3888


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Hot Flash! Menopause the Musical now at the Westchester Broadway Theater


Now on stage at the Westchester Broadway Theater in Elmsford is a musical comedy with an unusual topic.  Menopause the Musical is a 90 minute hilarious comedy that covers such topics as hot flashes, sleeping issues, short term memory loss, mood swings, loss of libido and weight gain.  Who would think these topics would make for a night of laughs?   Jeanie Linders did and 20 years ago as she stood in front of her open freezer door and sang “Hot Flash” to the melody of Rod Stewart’s “Hot Legs”, she knew she was on to something and thus was born this show.

The musical takes place in Bloomingdales department store in New York City where we meet four women over 40, the Professional Woman (Donna J. Huntley), Soap Star (Debby Rosenthal), Earth Mother (Megan Cavanagh) and Iowa housewife (Roberta B. Wall).  The four over 40 women cross paths by accident in the store and begin to learn about each other and their struggles with “the Change”.

menopause 4


Each musical number is based on an actual song from the 1960s, 70s and 80s with the lyrics changed to embrace the play’s topic.  The familiarity of the songs allows the audience to instantly embrace the music.  As the four women bond and make their way through the department stores floors, they belt out one musical number after another.  Famous songs like “Chain of Fools” becomes “Change, Change, Change“,  “Stayin Alive” becomes “Stayin Awake/Night Sweats”,  and “My Guy” becomes the very funny “My Thighs”.   This is just a sampling of the creative way that existing songs have been adapted to this comedy.

menopause 3

The 90 minute show with no intermission rolls along as the ladies belt out one hit after the other.  The opening night audience appreciated the comedic timing and talented vocals of the cast.  The show allows women to bond over their common experience. The cast at the finale, invites women in the audience to join them on stage for the last number.

The actors, all member of Actors Equity Association,  have numerous stage credits to their names.  Megan Cavanagh (Earth Mother) has appeared in such films as ” A League of their Own” and “Robin Hood Men in Tights”.  She has been performed in this show since 2004.  Donna Huntley (Professional Woman) has Broadway, off Broadway, and television credits.  Debby Rosenthal (Soap Star) has performed in numerous regional theater productions and television.  Roberta B. Wall (Iowa Housewife) has appeared on Broadway in Sister Act, and Leap of Faith.  Her numerous credits include regional theater.

This play is great for a girls night out, though the numerous men in the audience appeared to fully enjoy the show as well.  The show runs through Sunday March 24th.

for tickets and information:

Westchester Broadway Theater

One Broadway Plaza Elmsford New York

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