Kanopi: high above Westchester, an evening of culinary artistry awaits


Perched high above Westchester on the 42nd floor of the Ritz-Carlton in White Plains awaits a dining experience unlike any other in  our area.  Kanopi is a restaurant and event space like that is quite unique.  From the ground level of the hotel guests are escorted to a scenic elevator which whisks its occupants to lofty heights. Here breathtaking views and finely crafted food combine to make a memorable evening.


The space at Kanopi (the former 42 The Restaurant) has stunning views of  Westchester, the Hudson Valley, Long Island Sound and New York City.   There is a lounge, a long narrow dining area with floor to ceiling windows, a much larger event space, and an intimate private dining table inside the kitchen itself.   We were seated at a table with a view over Long Island Sound.  As dusk approached we witnessed the lights of the shore towns of Long Island illuminate the night.  It was quite the setting.

dining room

And while the views may be the reason to consider Kanopi, it is the kitchen and its chef, Anthony Goncalves.  The diner can expect a very special evening of culinary magic.  Chef Goncalves is not just a chef, but a true artist as each dish is carefully prepared and beautifully presented.

Kanopi  features a 13 course tasting menu which is available with wine pairing.  Chef Goncalves who is from Portugal, has developed a menu of Portuguese and Mediterrean dishes along with Asian influences. At one time Portugal had colonies in Asia including Macau, and the  foods and spices of that region are present in the menu.

With 13 courses on the menu, the evening is refined and each course evenly spaced. Each serving is more or less a sample tasting and not a full portion.  As we relaxed at our table, each dish was served with artistry as it arrived.  It was much like witnessing a well choreographed dance of culinary delights.  Each course is presented with different plates, and is  unique and beautiful as the panoramic views.  It was quite evident the passion for food that is present in the kitchen.

With so many courses,  we will discuss a few of our favorites from the evening.   The Hamachi is yellow tail tuna, with Monterosa olive oil, a touch of lime and pomelo.  Monterosa olive oil is from Portugal is rated one of the finest in the world.  A delicious dish.

irene april 043


The Kona Kompachi followed and is a flavorful yet light yellowtail served in with a light brushing of roasted seaweed vinaigrette.  The plating of this dish was pure art and was one of our favorites.

irene april 051

Kona Kompachi

The Small Game Tamale was an interesting dish, with chicken wrapped in a banana leaf.  Opening the leaf like an envelope allows the aroma of the chicken, raisins and prunes to escape.  A fun presentation and delightful course.

The Polvo was a carefully crafted dish and was composed or poached octopus, with a dash of coriander, paprika oil, black olive and pickled serrano chili pepper for that extra boost of flavor. The dish was artfully crafted and the carefully placed  garnish appeared as it was growing from the octopus itself.

irene april 098


Served in an Asian style plate, the Robalo was a portion of light and mild sea bass, truffles and served with Osetra caviar.  The blending of the mild sea bass with the more flavorful caviar was quite a treat.

irene april 081

Robalo with caviar

Pekin Duck was another interesting dish and a very artistic presentation.  The duck was lightly grilled and place on a black plate with a celery root puree that when viewed from above appeared to be two flowers.

irene april 132

Dessert is also included with four samples provided.  The Devil Dog was a tasty chocolate concoction but the Fruit Roll-Ups were our favorite.  This is not the snack,  but rather compressed fruits (including grape and pineapple) which are thinly sliced to produce one of the most fun and creative desserts we have enjoyed in some time.

irene april 189

Fruit Roll Ups

As the scenic elevator slowly pulled away from the 42nd floor and returned us to the lobby, the magnificent vistas we witnessed remained in our minds.  But long after those visions fade, the culinary experience that is Kanopi will linger with us for a long time.


Kanopi    (at the Ritz Carlton)

3 Renaissance Square

White Plains New York   

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Whitby Castle: elegant dining in a true castle


How often do you get to dine in a magnificent castle?    I had the opportunity recently to have brunch at Whitby Castle located at the Rye Country Club in Rye NY.   Whitby is located on the grounds of the Rye Country Club, but is open to the public and not just for club members.

whitby castle

The picturesque castle was designed by Alexander Jackson Davis one of the premier architects of the 19th century and has designed many buildings in the Hudson Valley including Lyndhurst in Tarrytown.  Dining here is to experience the elegance of a bygone era and as a bonus you can enjoy the gorgeous water view toward Milton Harbor and Long Island Sound.


As you enter the castle you cannot help but admire the old world craftsmanship, high ceilings and the fine architectural  details in each room.  The main dining room is sun lit  with a large windows facing out over the patio, the green lawns of the golf course and then the tranquil waters of Milton Harbor.


View from the Dining Room

We dined for Sunday brunch on Easter and had a wonderful meal.  Brunch included a wide assortment of food including traditional breakfast favorites of bagels, muffins, scrambled eggs, Eggs Benedict , sausage and bacon.   There were also salad, shrimp cocktail, and a variety of hot dishes including  Chicken Picatta, Sole, and pasta.  If that was not enough, there was a carving station with prime rib, turkey breast and lamb.  To end the meal (if you have room), there is a delicious spread of desserts and fresh fruit, coffee and tea.  Even though it is a buffet, the service from our waiter was attentive and friendly.    Certainly a wonderful place to dine.

Whitby Castle is open to the public for Dinner on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings.  Lunch is served daily except for Monday.  The menu changes often so there is no menu online.

whitby castle 2

Outside dining

The castle is host for private events and is a desirable location for weddings.   The next event coming up is Mother’s Day Brunch on May 8th 2016.   Brunch will be in two seatings, 10:30am  and 2:30pm.  The cost for brunch is $49.95 per person and children under 12 are $19.95 each.


for more information:

Whitby Castle  

30 Boston Post Road
Rye, NY 10580
Tel:  914.777.2053


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